Virtual Staging Service

Selling an empty house, sans furniture and decor can be a challenge because empty spaces aren’t as appealing to buyers as beautifully furnished homes. As it’s a fact that furnished listings receive up to 30% more web traffic, Smart Photo Editors bridges the gap of presentable property images through its virtual staging service.

Our skilled editors understand how important well-placed furniture can be for your listings, and our virtual staging services are ideal for real estate developers and agents, interior decoration agencies and interior designers, architecture magazines, and furniture retailers. If you are looking to outsource virtual staging services, Smart Photo Editors has the resources, expertise, and technology to meet your standards and expectations.

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Virtual Staging Services Offered by Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors knows the value of beautifully furnished real-estate photos and offers and range of virtual staging solutions to suit the needs of any client.

  • Staging Service Our skilled editors digitally add furnishings and decor to all rooms to increase the appeal keeping the space and utility in mind.
  • Restyling Service Rather than adding furnishings to empty photographs, our experts remove existing furniture and add new pieces, ideal for updating the style of a home or room based on lifestyle and ethnicity.
  • Remodeling In order to show the potential of a home or room, our experienced editors can change cabinets, flooring, or countertops, as well as virtually stage the furniture with adequate lighting and shading.
  • Envisioning - For homes or rooms which aren’t yet constructed, our editors can create photorealistic images based on provided finishes and floor plans with exact color, texture, and materials.
  • Furniture Photo Editing Apart from removing scratches, light reflections and correcting over exposure, color adjustment, etc., our image editors helps in clipping and staging the furniture images to be showcased in your online gallery or ad banners.

Benefits of the Virtual Staging Solutions from SPE

Real estate sellers to furniture retailers can outsource virtual staging requirements to Smart Photo Editors and avail the following business benefits:

  • Increased buyer interest - 90% of buyers begin their home search online, and a listing only has a few seconds to catch their eye. Virtual staging allows you to make a memorable first impression that captures attention and makes buyers interested.
  • Sell properties faster - Staged homes sell up to 75% faster, and with virtual staging, there is no need to hire an interior decorator or spend money on furniture.
  • Higher selling price - 83% of properties that make use of virtual staging services sell for asking price or above, as they allow the buyer to see the potential of a property.
  • Access to the latest 3D rendering technologies - When you outsource virtual staging services to our team, you gain access to the latest technology and equipment without having to invest.
  • Improved visualization - Virtual staging services allow potential buyers to see the property in the best light.

Showcase Your Properties with Smart Photo Editors

Rather than asking, “how much does virtual staging cost?”, real estate agents should ask, “how much money could virtual staging services save me?” Our team of 3D experts has more than a decade of experience translating real estate seller’s requirements into photorealistic renderings which improve listing quality and web traffic. Contact us today to see how our virtual staging services can help you showcase your properties!

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