UK’s Largest Automotive Seller Clips 5,000 Car Images to Make Them Promo-Ready and Achieve Daily Sales Targets

The Client: An Enduring Symbol of Successful Car Sales

The client is the UK’s best-known automobile selling company, chiefly focusing on car sales. For over 3 decades, the client has enabled millions of automobile owners to sell new and used cars. Even today, the client’s brand remains the foremost choice for UK customers to sell their cars or other vehicles “quickly and profitably.” The client’s business model has been acclaimed as a pioneering one, and therefore has been successfully replicated in the US, Canada, and Australia.

The Need: Images Must Do the Selling

  • The client’s website serves as a key platform to showcase vehicles that are ready for sales
  • The client’s website enjoys 3 times the reach with British customers than their competitors’ websites do
  • The client had an average of 5000 images to be edited every month
  • The client’s requirement was to crop these images, remove the shadows, and provide additional effects as may be necessary to meet their standard image specifications
  • The client wanted to leverage the time differences of working with an offshore expert like SPE, so that images sent at the end of a day is ready by or before the next morning

The Challenges: Tight Delivery Schedule

During the initial phase of this project, we encountered a few challenges that include:

  • Huge volumes for a dynamic business requirement such as this meant that we had a very short turnaround time
  • The client expected that images are edited 24/7 like many outsourcing companies do; but SmartPHOTOEditors’ staff work for 24/6
  • The operations staff strength was not sufficient enough to meet the project requirements

The Solution: Phased Approach with Scaled-up Resources

SmartPHOTOEditors’ solutions included:

  • Taking a phased approach, our team worked on a deliverable chart of progressively increasing turnaround volume, and the client was pleased with this arrangement
  • Beginning from editing 500 images a fortnight, our team proved their strengths to edit 3500 images in just over a month, and meeting the customer expectations of editing 5000 images within the expected deadline
  • Daily turnaround was 9 hours, 6 hours, and 2 hours for images based on complexities
  • 8 new image editors were hired and training was provided to each of them
  • Adobe Photoshop was the software used for this project

The Results: Better Images for a Continuing Legacy

  • The client was completely satisfied with the editing quality, which was 100% accurate!
  • The client was also pleased that the promises on turnaround time were fully kept by SmartPHOTOEditors despite the volume
  • The client decided to stay with SmartPhotoEditors for the remaining editing work, and signed up further contracts to this effect
  • Our team is delighted to be assisting the client in carrying out their established legacy in car sales in the UK, as we take equal pride in assisting all of our clients
Note: References available on request