HDR Editing and Blending Services

As digital camera technology continues to advance, HDR (high-dynamic-range) imaging is frequently an issue to contend with on a daily basis. The desired end result is to make your camera as capable as the human eye — but this can be both time-consuming and complicated. A practical and cost-effective solution is to use an experienced partner like Smart Photo Editors for your HDR editing and blending services. To achieve the appropriate HDR effect, SPE typically blends several photos (frequently taken at different exposures) together into one image.

Editing a single HDR image can often involve an hour or more even when experts like Smart Photo Editors are at work. Many other photo editing providers use ill-advised shortcuts such as automated HDR software — we refuse to cut corners like this because it typically results in images that have a "poor" look and feel. Because SPE knows that HDR photography is an art form, we emphasize the human element by manually processing all images.

One of the most striking examples of business situations that will benefit from accurate and high-quality HDR editing and blending services is interior photography for real estate. The Smart Photo Editors team would be happy to discuss how we can help, and four examples of our services in this area are described in the next paragraph.

Our HDR Blending Service Expertise

Smart Photo Editors can help with the non-traditional editing and blending services required for high-dynamic-range imaging with four primary services:

  • Image Stitching

    Our editing experts can take several high contrast scenes taken at different exposures and "stitch" them into one beautiful image.

  • Ghosting Correction

    Smart Photo Editors uses advanced photo editing techniques to create a sharp image by ensuring that images line up properly and eliminating blurry and ghost-like images.

  • Color Correction

    Our HDR editing team pays special attention to blending images that result in accurate and beautiful colors rather than oversaturated colors that are common with automated HDR editing. This helps you avoid scenes that appear poor.

  • Sharpening

    Smart Photo Editors never overlooks the final touch in getting HDR photographs "just right" by adding additional image enhancements and sharpening as needed.

  • Image Bracketing

    Creating a single, perfect photo from multiple images at varying resolutions.

  • Perspective Correction

    Adjusting the vertical lines of walls, buildings, and other structures.

Our HDR Editing Service Benefits

Here are five key benefits of working with the Smart Photo Editors team when you need expert help with HDR editing and blending services:

  • We are an experienced team of HDR editing and blending experts — Without hiring additional employees, you will receive high-quality HDR blending that emphasizes the human element rather than automated software. This will produce images that don't have a fake or over-processed appearance.
  • Our time-zone benefits often produce overnight results — Even with a specialized HDR editing assignment, you will frequently be able to turn in a task to SPE before you leave for home and then pick it up the next morning.
  • Smart Photo Editors eliminates the need for expensive software — You will not need to invest in HDR blending software. In addition to making the HDR editing and blending service more affordable, you and your employees can spend more time on other tasks while Smart Photo Editors gets the job done.
  • We understand and handle the entire photo editing process — You can integrate all of your photo editing needs under one roof by outsourcing HDR editing and blending services to the same partner that is handling your other photo editing assignments, resulting in a simpler process for you and your internal team.
  • Smart Photo Editors is experienced in working with real estate professionals throughout the world — When you want to use a single image to show the interior as well as a window view, you will receive a specialized HDR blending service from a team that is well-versed in providing many other services to the real estate industry. This means that you won't have to educate and train SPE about how your business works.

Smart Photo Editors: When You Need Expert Help

HDR blending and editing requires experienced experts to get it done right the first time — Smart Photo Editors is always up to this challenge.

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