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Smart Photo Editors (SPE) provides clipping path services to ensure that businesses can present and distribute their images according to their specific objectives and vision. SPE’s skilled, professional image editors use a full catalog of cutting-edge, licensed image editing software to carefully extract objects, people, or other items from an image to manipulate focal points and backgrounds. Businesses, professional and amateur photographers, real estate agencies, publishing houses, design studios, printing companies, educational institutions, marketing service providers, and more, can accelerate their sales and marketing campaigns, enhance eCommerce catalogs, transform website experiences, and amplify services with attractive, effective images that convert.

Our knowledge and applications of the latest industry developments, trends, and techniques ensure that we can provide clipping path solutions suitable for today’s diverse image needs.

SPE’s Full Suite of Clipping Path Services

SPE has designed a service range that demonstrates our proficiency in removing unwanted image components and putting editorial control back in the hands of our clients, with meticulously hand-drawn Clipping Paths:

  • Clipping Paths for Products and Merchandise

    Specialized in eCommerce image editing and product retouching, SPE creates a precise border around retail and eCommerce products, eliminating shadows, clutter, and repetitive backgrounds so that the focus will be on product details and design.

  • Clipping Paths for Portrait Photography

    SPE offers clipping paths for portraits, including corporate photos, professional headshots, wedding parties, graduation photos, and personal photography. Refined hand-drawing techniques allow complex soft edges to be effectively outlined and separated from the main image.

  • Clipping Paths for Automobiles

    SPE provides clipping paths for automobiles, and automotive parts and equipment, ensuring that materials, shape, and overall design are captured with sleek, smooth edges that highlight performance-driven qualities.

  • Clipping Paths for Photo Restoration

    SPE augments the photo restoration process with clipping path solutions specifically tailored for antique, blurry, poor resolution photos with carefully clipped silhouettes that frame the subject matter so images can be thoughtfully repurposed or archived.

  • Clipping Paths for Fashion

    SPE makes use of clipping paths and image masking techniques to remove the white backgrounds of fashion items and accessories that require the colorful or specific background to standout. Our editors are also able to replace the background with any logo or other branding elements as required.

Benefits of Using SPE for Offshore Clipping Path Services

Businesses turn to SPE for time-saving, economical image editing and Photoshop services that optimize and polish their digital images while receiving the support of an experienced outsourcing team, for robust benefits:

  • Publication and Distribution: Produce company images that are ready for professional distribution and display across websites, social media, promotional content, HR materials, corporate content, and more.
  • Reflect Brand Authority: Reinforce your brand’s voice, increase conversion, and better demonstrate market authority and leadership with high-quality images that accurately reflect your company’s professional standards and experience.
  • Overcome Resource Challenges: Overcome knowledge and resource limitations, such as lack of professional photography equipment, complex editing software, and skilled personnel, with an on-demand team that provides end-to-end image editing support.
  • Value-Added Enhancements: Add personalized effects, colors, graphics, logos, or backgrounds that align with your brand’s identity, or feature your products in simple, single-color, or white backgrounds.
  • Future-Proof Images: SPE can save your clipped images as transparent images for future transfer and use with new campaigns, or position your image on original, custom backgrounds.
  • Realistic Effects: Utilize a team who relies on several different advanced pen tools to get as close to the edge of the object’s borders as possible, for the most realistic effects and natural, consistent edges.
  • Custom Techniques for Complex Shapes: SPE approaches images with a critical, editorial eye, using both image masking and clipping path techniques on more complex, irregular, or soft edges to ensure that smaller details aren’t overlooked.

Outsource Clipping Path Services to Smart Photo Editors

SPE’s extensive Clipping Path Services are built around the needs and demands of today’s modern businesses and global digital economy, ensuring we can address common image editing challenges while delivering high quality, customized results. Companies across the world have depended on our skilled team to help them align their visual media goals with their business objectives, establishing SPE as a leading image editing company for over a decade.

Contact SPE today for timely, efficient clipping path services developed in accordance with the transparent pricing, quality, security, and integrity our offshore framework is built upon.

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