Jewelry Retouching Services from Smart Photo Editors

Photographing jewelry is always a challenge due to common factors such as odd reflections, color casts, dust and using mannequins as a backdrop. Smart Photo Editors can provide practical and cost-effective solutions with their collection of six specialized jewelry retouching services.

With macro photography used to capture jewelry images, part of the object is likely to be out of focus. SPE can retouch close-ups of jewelry so that everything will be in focus.

"Perfecting the imperfections" in jewelry photos is a recurring need so that viewers and potential buyers will not be distracted by tiny specks of dust or the background. Smart Photo Editors creates images that stand out by retouching the background to produce a clean background. For example, jewelry placed on a mannequin for photography can result in an unneeded distraction — the SPE jewelry retouching team removes mannequins and other distracting backgrounds.

More details about our jewelry retouching services are summarized in the next paragraph.

Smart Photo Editors Specialized Jewelry Retouching Services

Here are 6 ways SPE can provide high-quality jewelry retouching help:

  • SPE combines multiple photos that have a different portion of the jewelry in focus. Smart Photo Editors combines them digitally so that the entire piece will be in focus. Our expert team uses focus stacking to solve a common jewelry photography challenge due to blurring caused by the camera's depth of field.

  • Shine Enhancement

    Smart Photo Editors can literally make your jewelry shine as if it was just polished. In-camera attempts to capture jewelry with this kind of appealing shine are always difficult, but SPE jewelry retouching gets the job done every time.

  • Scratch and Dust Removal

    SPE controls the uncontrollable by eliminating dust from jewelry photos. Smart Photo Editors can also retouch jewelry images to clean up scratches and wear.

  • Image Combination

    Smart Photo Editors can merge separate jewelry photos so that you end up with a coordinated fashion look. For example, we can display a necklace and earrings photographed separately in one merged image.

  • Background and Mannequin Removal

    SPE can clip out distracting backgrounds of any kind. With mannequins, we can even replace the missing pieces blocked from the original photo. Smart Photo Editors can also add reflections if desired.

  • Jewelry Recoloring

    Smart Photo Editors allows you to show all available color options even if you don't have them to photograph. SPE eliminates the need to schedule another photo session.

Jewelry Retouching Benefits at SPE

Here are five benefits of working with SPE when making decisions about outsourcing jewelry retouching needs:

  • We have handled all types of product photography — SPE specializes in handling shiny, reflective and highly polished surfaces that many photo editors won't even attempt. From cars to jewelry, we'll get the job done.
  • We can help you sell jewelry faster — SPE provides a 24-hour turnaround and has a 24/6 help desk. Smart Photo Editors won't keep you (or your customers) waiting.
  • SPE can improve your bottom line with competitive prices for jewelry retouching — SPE helps you keep costs down while also increasing sales. Even with our reputation for cost-effective pricing, we never sacrifice high-quality results.
  • SPE produces professional photography results — SPE's jewelry retouching service produces high-end jewelry images even if you didn't use a professional photographer. We'll help you define a distinctive style that jewelry buyers will remember when they are ready to buy again.
  • We provide a competitive edge with jewelry retouching — SPE helps you stay ahead of the competition by providing consistently high-quality jewelry photos without distractions. This helps potential buyers focus on your jewelry.

Creating the Best First Impression with Your Jewelry

Make sure your potential jewelry buyers remember your company by removing needless distractions in your jewelry photos — Smart Photo Editors can make it happen.

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