Background Removal Service from Smart Photo Editors

For more than a decade, Smart Photo Editors is supporting an ultra-crowded marketing environment, business executives and managers who are constantly searching for ways to elevate their products and services above the competition. Smart Photo Editors provides a prudent and cost-effective strategy for doing precisely that with a high-quality background removal service.

With more than 12 million eCommerce companies, standing out from competitors increasingly depends on images that are high quality, unique and compelling. Smart Photo Editors can help companies of all sizes by removing inappropriate and ineffective backgrounds and then presenting products on a white or transparent background that is free of distractions. Also perform Chroma Keying to enhance solid color to the background of the subject.

In the following section, we provide four specific examples of what Smart Photo Editors does for prime users of our background removal service — eCommerce owners and managers, marketing teams, photographers and any enterprise wanting to improve images in web or print applications.

Our Specialized Background Removal Services for eCommerce, Marketing, Photographers and Print/Web Needs

Here are more details about what SPE can accomplish with their professional background removal service:

  • For eCommerce Portals

    SPE creates professional product photographs that are studio-quality and free of distractions. While we can remove unwanted shadows and reflections, we can also add effective variations for just the right sales impact. Our expert team can remove mannequins from images for fashion retailers.

  • For Marketing

    Smart Photo Editors eliminates an unappealing and boxy look for ads made without background removal. We can create multiple marketing designs, layer products together and integrate into a print to enhance your marketing impact.

  • For Photographers

    SPE allows more flexibility for photographers by making it easy to shift the perfect shot from an imperfect background to the "right" background. This will help photographers when shooting both events and stock.

  • For Printing and Web Uses

    Smart Photo Editors can create the ideal file size for your intended use, from web-ready PNG with a transparent background to high-resolution EPS files for larger print projects. For web use, optimizing file sizes is especially important for increasing views and social media sharing.

The Background Removal Service Benefits

There are multiple benefits of using SPE's background removal services. Here are five of them:

  • Smart Photo Editors will get the background removal done quickly — SPE turns photo editing projects around in as little as 12 hours. Your images will be "live" without any delays.
  • Produces high-quality results at affordable prices — SPE never sacrifices quality while providing cost-effective pricing. You can also avoid adding expensive background removal software and training.
  • Can handle large-scale projects — SPE offers high-volume discounts for bigger projects and can accommodate ambitious timetables.
  • Has a team of background removal experts — SPE can perform even the most complex variations of background removal services. Whether you need to remove car windows or a model's hair, Smart Photo Editors is up to the task.
  • Can also perform other specialized photo editing — SPE provides an impressive array of other photo editing services. This makes it easy to work with one provider if you also need more than background removal.

Creating Images That Won't Distract Customers

One of the best ways to make your images more effective is to make sure potential buyers are focusing on your product and service rather than looking at a distracting background. Smart Photo Editors can help you do this successfully and cost-effectively.