Stock Photo Editing Service

Unless you have a photographer in-house, you have to source images from somewhere. Getting stock images is one way of doing this but what if they're not quite right? Maybe the images need your logo on them; maybe they need to have specific items. Instead, either way, those stock images need to be edited and adjusted. Smart Photo Editors offer stock photo editing service to address all these requirements.

With an experienced team of editors, Smart Photo Editors provides state-of-the-art photo editing services with exceptional post-processing of stock photos. Our photoshop service includes image retouching, enhancement, and clipping of images to make them perfect no matter what type of stock photos you're dealing with.

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Editing Services at Smart Photo Editors

  • Photo Retouching

    Very few photos are perfect straight out of the camera. We can retouch models, products, and jewelry and polish your images until they really are perfect.

  • Resizing, Cropping, Enhancement

    Especially if you're printing your images or have to fit them into a website having the right dimensions is essential. Spending time figuring out aspect ratios and how to blend the image into your webpage so that it loads fast for your customers is our job.

  • Cutting, Cloning, Clipping

    The essential part of any stock photo is that it looks like it was taken for you and isn't a stock photo at all. We've all seen generic, boring, stock images that are used time and time again so why settle for a reheat when you can reedit and make it new. If you're creating stock images yourself then getting rid of any clutter that might not make it perfect helps give you the most salable image.

  • Photo Mixing, Image Masking, Photo Manipulation

    The eye tends to believe what it sees which means manipulating and mixing images into one has to be done well, or your clients won't believe that the image is possible. By creating perfect reflections, melds, and masking elements which a client might need to “fill in later” your stock images get the most versatility.

  • File Conversions, Vector Graphics, Image Blending

    Stock photos have to be usable in many formats and forums so having many different versions makes it more likely that clients will pick your image. The more versatile your image is, the more clients it will appeal to, and that's what gets you sales.

The Benefits of Using Our Stock Photo Editing Services

  • Your Stock Images can be Customized: Stock images can be used by anyone so why have the same as the competition. Let SPE customize your stock images with logos and branding needs, so they're yours. By adding your logo to stock images, your customers will be more trusting of your brand, and your images will look more “real.”
  • We can Adjust stock images to meet Your Needs: Stock images tend to come in stock sizes. By hiring Smart Photo Editors to do your stock photo editing we can change the size and resolution to match your brand needs.
  • We can fix bad images, so your brand is safe: You shouldn't have to pay for bad images, but if you're only working with low resolution or lossy files Smart Photo Editors can use special techniques to fix backgrounds and clean up poor quality images, so your brand is safe.
  • Never stress over difficult edits or have to re-edit again: If you're creating stock images we can edit to a high caliber, so you don't have to worry about your images getting rejected for bad editing again.

Create Your Stock Photo Gallery with Smart Photo Editors

If you're working with stock images, then you know what perfection is. Shoddy stock photo editing is the number one reason stock images get rejected so we can make sure that doesn't happen. By hiring professional services like those at Smart Photo Editors, your stock images can be the top-notch quality that they require without your spending hours doing it yourself. If you're using stock images for your brand by customizing them, we can make them yours to build trust in your brand.

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