Image Clipping Services

SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) provides popular Image Clipping Services that equip businesses with the ability to feature edited, cleanly presented images across their marketing, sales, and service initiatives by removing extraneous background clutter from the image. SPE has an eye for detail and the artistic touch necessary for featuring products, merchandise, models, real estate, or objects in a minimalistic, clean, high-quality style.

Businesses can draw their customer’s attention directly to a central figure within an image and ensure that the right details are attractively showcased. Challenges in image clipping, large volume requests, and lack of internal capabilities don’t have to be a deterrent to gaining fully edited and enhanced images.

SPE’s possesses knowledge of the latest photography and photo editing trends, and employs a trained team, with the appropriate in-house resources that align technology with human resource strategies.

SmartPHOTOeditors Range of Image Clipping Services

A hand-rendered photo clipping path is essential to doctoring images, along with utilizing image editing software to precisely border objects for the crispest background removal available. Services include:

  • Image Clipping Path Services

    SPE uses both hard and soft edge clipping path techniques to define a border that puts the object in the focal point, effectively separating an object from the background. Image backdrops are customized per business needs, and text wrapping options are also available.

  • Hair Masking

    SPE uses alpha channel photo editing that facilitates selecting hair (or other details) and removing it from the image. While the concept is geared toward cropping of human hair, we also employ this strategy for other variations of fine detail cropping.

  • Tracing Image

    SmartPHOTOeditors can use software to trace images, crop each photo perfectly and then transfer it to your preferred white or gray background.

  • Shadow Photo

    The photo editing experts at Smart Photo Editors digitally create a natural-looking shadow. Although the digital light source is usually from the top, our expert team can also create shadow views from any desired angle.

  • Dropping Background

    When the subject is all that's important, SPE uses state-of-the-art image editing software to select the subject and crop out the backgrounds.

  • Car Image Clipping

    Smart Photo Editors clips, crops and moves car images to the desired background so that the photo is ready for stock photo images or a marketing campaign.

  • Product and Merchandise Image Clipping

    SPE performs image clipping that is tailored for all industries whether it is products, merchandise, real estate, fashion, automotive, jewelry, pet products, and more.

  • Model and Spokesperson Image Clipping

    SPE can handle the nuanced demands of image clipping for organic subjects like models or spokesperson(s). Fine clipping path tools are utilized to achieve a perfect shape that doesn’t remove essential details.

  • Hand Drawn Clipping Paths

    SPE gives your images the attention they deserve with clipping paths that are generated by hand from trained personnel. Aspect ratios, margins, cropping, formatting, and shadows are addressed with a human touch by professionals who are sensitive to the accuracy levels required to produce stunning results.

Benefits of Using Image Clipping Services from SmartPHOTOeditors

Companies look to the photo editing specialists at SPE to achieve the best image clipping results and actionable benefits, and avoid expensive, frustrating internal challenges:

  • Simple Client Templates: Businesses can provide communication and direction for their image clipping projects by using SPE’s simple templates that allow for specific instructions per image or bulk orders.
  • Image Trials: Businesses can receive multiple trial images to assess which final result works best for their needs, such as one background color versus another, before committing to a full-scale delivery with SPE’s image comparison and project testing options.
  • Optimize Social Media Presence: Elevate your social media presence with professionally rendered images that can ensure your spokesperson, models, or businesses representatives are rendered in a professional and flattering manner.
  • Time Results with Product Releases: Meet the demands of fast-paced industries that release multiple products regularly by outsourcing with SPE, who can produce complete images that are timed with your content releases.
  • Transform Websites into Captivating Platforms: Transform a website into a robust, visually arresting platform that helps your customers better visualize how a product would work in their lifestyle, home, or office.
  • Multi-Media Solutions: Print, publishing, design, and studios can enhance their brochures, catalogs, and websites with improved photos and images that feature dynamic compositions minus distracting miscellaneous details.
  • Increase Site Interaction: Web designers, e-commerce, e-marketing, technology sites, and affiliate sites can receive Image Clipping Path Services that amplify their services and products, reflect their industry experience level, and reinforce brand image to promote a better level of interaction with a company’s site.
  • Correct Flaws: Any exposure issues, flaws, and color mishaps that detract from images are fixed with corrective techniques during the image clipping process to ensure that exposure levels and tones meet the final quality assessments.

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SPE is a full-service Image Clipping outsourcing provider with 24/6 live assistance, a communicative team, and a pricing structure that includes both flat and hourly rates to meet all budget profiles. FTE, end-to-end, and workflow automation support is available for clients who need aggressive skills and dedicated resources to manage their projects on their timeline.

For a free quote and project assessment, contact SPE today and learn more about how our Photo Clipping Service range can help your company present products and special offerings with a marketing and commerce-driven schema.

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