Photo Retouching Services from Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors offers specialized photo retouching services to industry professionals, as the fine detail supported by today's high-resolution digital camera equipment, even "a perfect picture" can benefit from various degrees of photo retouching. To fill this need for both top photographers and amateurs, Smart Photo Editors provides specialized photo retouching services.

Advanced photo retouching is a time-consuming task when done properly and it requires specialized training as well as expensive software. To save both time and money, photographers can outsource their photo retouching needs to expert photo editors at SPE.

Some photo retouching services use automated software in order to get the job done more quickly. That is never the case with Smart Photo Editors — we use Photoshop and Lightroom as our non-automated retouching tools and then spend whatever time is needed to produce a high-quality result.

Some photo retouching projects involve a large volume of work for photographers who already have a busy schedule. SPE provides quick turnarounds — this will impress clients and avoid any delays for time-sensitive projects like wedding albums and product photography for an eCommerce site. The following section includes more details about the Smart Photo Editors photo retouching service.

Smart Photo Editors: Specialized Photo Retouching Services

Here are 6 ways SPE can provide high-quality and cost-effective photo retouching help:

  • Fashion Photo Editing

    SPE makes your model stand out by removing spots, scratches, blemishes, and acne to create flawless skin. Specialized experts match original skin color, outfits, environment, and background to make your fashion images screen and print-ready.

  • Wedding Photo Retouching

    Smart Photo Editors makes sure that long-lasting wedding memories are conveyed with as much perfection as possible. We can retouch everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony and bridal portraits. Our fast turnarounds won't keep your anxious clients waiting.

  • Jewelry Retouching

    Smart Photo Editors has a dedicated team to work with jewelry photographers, online and offline retailers. We edit and retouch jewelry photographs by adjusting focus stacking, shine enhancement, scratch removal, background removal, and more!

  • Real Estate Photography Retouching

    SPE provides the accuracy, proper lighting and inviting atmosphere that will bring buyers through your doors. We pay particular attention to camera errors that can make real estate photos seem to show non-existent structural problems.

  • Product Photo Retouching

    SPE gives you the perfection that you need to compete on ultra-competitive eCommerce websites. We can enhance product appeal, remove backgrounds and fix lighting problems.

  • Amateur Photo Retouching

    Smart Photo Editors helps amateur photographers improve images and learn more about your camera instead of focusing on retouching techniques. We are happy to work with the smallest photo retouching project.

  • Commercial Photography Retouching

    Smart Photo Editors keeps your brand intact with retouching for all images that will enhance your brand reputation. Our photo retouching experts work with location images and corporate head shots to keep your business image standards at a level that supports your brand.

  • Portrait Retouching

    SPE's retouching experts produce portraits that are realistic and natural-looking. Our team avoids airbrushing techniques that can result in a plastic appearance.

Working with Smart Photo Editors: The Photo Retouching Benefits

When making decisions about whether to outsource photo retouching needs, here are five benefits of working with SPE:

  • Smart Photo Editors does not use automated software for photo retouching — SPE retouches photos by relying on experience instead of an automated approach. With our time-consuming commitment to quality, you will receive the best possible results for your photography clients.
  • Delivers your retouched photos in as little as 12 hours — SPE's fully staffed photo retouching team will provide fast turnarounds. You and your staff won't need to learn the intricacies of Photoshop, and you won't keep your clients waiting.
  • Handles both small projects and high volume retouching assignments — SPE can easily accommodate high volume projects and provides bulk discounts.
  • Offers upfront pricing for photo retouching services — SPE ensures that you receive affordable upfront prices so there won't be any surprises. By working with Smart Photo Editors, you never give up any of the legal rights to your images.
  • Provides a complete collection of photo editing services — SPE provides expertise for all of your photo editing needs as well as photo retouching services. Smart Photo Editors eliminates the need to work with multiple providers when you need help with photo retouching, image clipping, image masking and more.

Expert Partners in Using the Retouching Artist's Tools

Just as a camera is the artistic tool for a photographer, Lightroom and Photoshop are the tools for an image retouching artist. Smart Photo Editors provides expert photo retouching services for photographers throughout the world.

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