Image Tracing Services

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) specializes in image tracing essential to highlight the product or a key service area while you promote it online or in any print media. Along with vector graphics editing, our image vector tracing services help businesses create stunning vector graphics that provide a fresh, new perspective on their visual content. If you have logos, sketches, or any other visual content that needs to be appropriately traced to be presented in the form of a vector or needs highlighting, then let our team of experts help you do it professionally.

Making use of individual paths, our image editing team traces the elements of an image so that the images can be scaled and edited without sacrificing the quality. Starting from eCommerce image tracing to product image tracing, real estate image tracing, furniture image tracing, or more, let our team of experts help you uncover the true potential of our Photoshop services and more that would aid your online campaigns. To learn more about our pricing or other value-added image editing services, contact us.

Image Tracing Services Offered by Smart Photo Editors

As a company, you need to make sure that eacLet our team of professionals help you enhance your visual content through one of our amazing and creative image editing services.

  • Photo Masking Service

    Our team of experts performs this slightly complicated process using our most state-of-the-art technology by enhancing your image with different, exciting masking techniques.

  • Image Tracing for Drawings

    We will convert your drawings into a high-quality vector file so that you have the ability to adjust its size and layout without losing quality. Never worry about images being distorted when you resize them!

  • Image Tracing for Business Graphics

    Have your favorite business graphic traced into an eye-popping drawing for use with your top marketing campaigns. Our team of experts utilizes powerful tools to provide you with high-quality image tracing.

  • Image Vectorization Services

    Our team of experts can transform your low-quality images into a vector so that it can be resized and used with any marketing campaigns. This is one of the most popular image tracing services.

  • Cropping and Resizing

    Images that are shot can sometimes use minor changes in order to enhance their impact on an audience. Our experts will ensure that the subject is the central focus and realign images to fit your needs.

  • Image Tracing for Logos

    Is your logo designed on a computer, but you find yourself wanting it to look a bit more hand-drawn? Our image tracing service will trace the elements in the logo to create the full vintage look.

Our Vector Tracing Services Come with Some Amazing Benefits

Outsourcing image tracing services aren’t exactly a new concept. However, due to the complexities of image editing and tracing, delegating these tasks to experienced professionals has become a normal part of the business. Our image tracing services come with several amazing benefits.

  • A team of photo editing experts ensuring high-quality result - Gain access to a team of skilled artists who specialize in image tracing.
  • Image scalability without losing the quality – With our image tracing service, you can trace elements from a graphics and achieve infinite scalability even after editing.
  • Professional image tracing for a business look – Our tracing services help your product images highlight the key features that look pleasing in all the platforms.
  • Significant saving of money and effort - Save up to 40% by outsourcing image tracing to Smart Photo Editors rather than doing it in-house.

Professional Image Tracing Services from the Image Editing Experts

Businesses are often stuck with a lot of different images that they can only use under very specific scenarios. For instance, logos that work for a business card might lose quality when added to a website. Our image tracing services will give your businesses the freedom to use these images the way you want. Additionally, it’s backed by an editing team that not only does the tracing but does the image enhancement for much better image output. Contact us today to discuss more about your requirements and our engagement models.