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100% Compliant Software

The world of photo editing is competitive. Because most companies find photo editors online, many companies have looked for any way possible to cut down on their prices in order make their services appear more desirable to companies and photographers. For companies like ours, we look at ways to improve efficiency, constantly altering our own processes in order to ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible, while still providing a superior product.

However, other companies cut costs using unethical means. Use of pirated software in this industry is rampant, as photo editing companies ignore morals to save themselves money.


What This Means for Your Work

Partnering with a company that is 100% software compliant is more than simply the ethical thing to do. It is also better for your projects. Consider the following:

Other Cost Cutting

Companies that use pirated software likely cut costs in other areas as well. For example, the employees may not go through significant training or practice that would improve their skill in an effort to save money, or they may not take the time to upgrade their pirated software. All of these will result in lower quality work and less reliability.

Leggal Issue

While not currently a problem, there may be a time when software developers learn how to catch companies that use pirated software, and prosecute them accordingly. This can not only cause legal issues for the business - it may also cause legal issues for you.

Software Upgrades

Supporting software developers is about more than simply rewarding them for their hard work. It’s also money that goes directly to software upgrades—upgrades that can both improve the final product and potentially increase efficiency in a way that will help you save money down the line.

Using a company with 100% legally-compliant software with all of the proper licenses also means that you're promoting ethical businesses, you're keeping the costs of such software lower, and working with a company that employs people correctly trained on these programs. There are also other risks to using companies that pirate software as well-for example, a company that is willing to steal software may also be willing to steal your payment information.

Our company uses 100% compliant software, and upgrades our licenses as necessary. While we offer extremely competitive pricing, our pricing also reflects our actual costs, and we focus our revenue efforts on improving efficiency and ensuring a quality final product. You have your choice of photo editing companies. Make sure you always choose a company that understands the importance of legally acquiring all of the latest editing software.