Photography Special Effects

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) provides Photography Special Effects Services that transforms images with editing, manipulation, filters, saturation, exposure controls, and other photo special effects. Our photo editors and artists rely on the full suite of Adobe Photoshop tools to create inspirational, professional photoshop special effects, enlivening visual details with the most subtle or dramatic of adjustments. With solutions designed for commercial product photography, marketing and brand images, and more for businesses, creatives, bloggers, and influencers, SPE is the preferred photo editing agency in India for a global clientele.

SPE’s special effects services go beyond the artistic and into the imaginative thanks to our proficiency in top software solutions and techniques, allowing us to provide the convenience of a leading offshore solution with today’s most innovative photography special effects.

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Photography Special Effects Services from Smart Photo Editors

  • Photo Manipulation & Editing

    SPE’s photo editing team can add artistic touches to any photo using masks features, manipulating layers, adding text or custom backdrops, selective brightening, and silhouettes that add polish and design.

  • Illustration and Coloring

    SPE uses Adobe Illustrator to make entire images or certain objects look artistically illustrated and painterly, and offers a wide variety of recolor options from the most delicate to the most vivid and wild.

  • High Density Still Image Editing

    SPE edits and applies special effects for HD Still Images that don’t impact resolution, relying on Adobe Photoshop to sharpen, modify colors, adjust exposure, crop, and add textures using touch up and editing tools.

  • Artistic Effects

    SPE uses special software to add photography special effects, to change the style of your photo, adding lighting or shadow changes, altering backdrops or recoloring the picture to achieve your vision.

The Benefits of Using Smart Photo Editors for Special Effects

  • Complex Special Effects: Receive altered images with complex special effects like star trail techniques, water refraction, multiple exposure techniques, and variated zoom effects that visually conceptualize ideas into breathtaking results.
  • New Life for Vintage and Antique Photos: SPE’s creative team adds colorized effects to vintage or black and white photos, improve grainy images, and eliminate distractions, allowing treasured older images or keepsake antique photos to come to life in entirely new ways.
  • Retro Effects: SPE specializes in trendy vintage and retro special techniques such as analogue effects with light leaks, vignetting, and color washes, or dark processed lomo effects with blue shadows and dramatic contrasts.
  • Undetectable Alterations: SPE enhances pixels to carefully scale, mirror, change opacity, or scale images on the most minute of details to apply special effects in a way that’s beautiful and undetectable during normal viewing modes.
  • Atmospheric Effects with Specialized Tools: SPE’s photo editing technicians use Marque and Pen tools in Layers to add atmospheric effects like glow and motion blur to images, creating a stunning light painting effects that have a movie poster quality.
  • Sophisticated Retouch and Clean-up Options: Businesses don’t have to limit their images with basic removal and clean-up options; SPE uses Patch, Clone Stamp, Spot-healing, and Content Aware Fill tools to remove elements and objects, retouch, and conceal content.

Unique Edits as Special as Your Images with Smart Photo Editors

Special effects can be tricky, and they have to be done right, or you'll end up with a mess. Too much or too little and the image is ruined which is why you should let Smart Photo Editors do the work for you. We can work with the Photoshop services techniques and software to put your images into another world and to give your stills the wow factor that special effects should create. Contact us today to know more about our offerings and get a customized quotation.

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