Photoshop Car Effects and Image Clipping from Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors provide car photo clipping services to an ultra-competitive automotive industry, as it is important for businesses to showcase products and services in a way that motivates consumers to visit their business — whether this involves selling new cars and trucks or marketing repair and maintenance services for body shops and mechanics. Smart Photo Editors can help by providing Photoshop image clipping and car effects that remove distractions and enhance images, creating a more "buyer-friendly" photo experience.

We enhance the selling probabilities of new or used cars, and without clipping it can be challenging for dealers to take marketing pictures without including distractions like other vehicles and people in the frame. SPE can do this easily and quickly — and also take it one step further by making it appear that the vehicle is traveling down a winding road instead of sitting in your parking lot.

Photo editing that includes specialized Photoshop car image clipping and effects requires experts like the SPE team. Smart Photo Editors helps business owners without big marketing budgets by providing cost-effective sales-oriented images that can compete with other businesses in your sales area. The next section includes details about three specific services for mechanics, body shops and dealers.

Specialized Car Image Clipping for Dealers, Body Shops and Mechanics

SPE can help you spend less on marketing while increasing sales — whether your business involves selling used cars only, marketing both new and used cars, providing mechanical and body shop repairs or a combination. Here are three examples for each type of business:

Car Effects and Clipping Services for Dealers

Smart Photo Editors can transform parking lot pictures into studio-quality photographs that can increase buyer traffic and sell vehicles.

  • Image Clipping

    Smart Photo Editors can clip out backgrounds that often include distracting reflections. We can also add shadows for more realism and attention-getting impact.

  • Recoloring

    SPE can produce images of cars in multiple colors, even when you don't have the "original vehicle" to photograph in each color. This helps buyers see their new car in the color they're looking for.

  • 360 Degree Product Photography

    Smart Photo Editors can "Wow" your potential buyers with a unique and compelling 360 degree view, just as if they are really there. We do this by stitching together multiple photos.

Car Effects Services for Mechanics and Body Shops

SPE makes it easier to show off the best body shop and mechanical work, even when it's sitting in a busy parking lot surrounded by other vehicles in various states of disrepair.

  • Image Clipping

    Smart Photo Editors helps new customers focus on your beautiful body work by eliminating reflections and other distractions by clipping out whatever you don't want in the picture. This is especially helpful for maximum visual impact in marketing materials and on websites.

  • Recoloring

    SPE makes it easier for your customers to choose what car color they want by allowing them to see it beforehand in a photo. This will impress your clients, especially those who think visually.

  • 360 Degree Before and After Pictures

    Smart Photo Editors can show your repair work from every angle in a compelling series of photographs. This allows the "before and after" to be shown in a single look. Car restoration enthusiasts will be especially impressed.

Working with Smart Photo Editors: The Car Photo Clipping Benefits

Here are five primary marketing and bottom-line benefits when you select SPE as your photo editing partner for incorporating Photoshop car effects:

  • Smart Photo Editors helps automotive customers see what they are getting in advance — SPE allows your customers to focus on what they'll get without having to imagine what it would look like. You can create more new business opportunities with a helping hand from our photo editing experts.
  • Can produce high-volume results — SPE can help automotive businesses of all sizes. For high-volume projects, we offer special discounts that make us even more cost-effective.
  • Works quickly — SPE facilitates faster sales by not keeping you waiting for us to finish. Turnarounds are often within 24 hours or less.
  • Provides professional images at cost-effective prices — SPE produces high-quality car effects that can fit into even modest marketing budgets. Our stunning images will help you compete more effectively and improve your bottom line.
  • Has an expert photo-editing team — SPE has a team of Photoshop car effects experts that can start whenever you are ready, without adding any new staff members. This will help your marketing department get more done without the need for hiring in-house photo editing experts.

Helping You Win New Business

Selling and repairing vehicles involves plenty of choices for potential buyers. Help customers remember what you have to offer by impressing them with Photoshop car effects from Smart Photo Editors.

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