Smart Photo Editors Privacy Policy

Smart Photo Editors' Privacy Policy Guidelines indicate our continued commitment to our clients with regards to protecting their Personal Information. This privacy policy page includes all the information related to the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that Smart Photo Editors receives from the visitors through this website.

We are dedicated to disclosing any information pertaining to how visitor information is being collected and used. At the same time, Smart Photo Editors suggests all its website visitors to read and review these privacy policy guidelines before using this website. By using our website, you agree to these policies for collection and use of your personal information.

Why We Collect Personal Information

We collect Personal Information or data that identifies an individual, including names, addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.

Visitor’s Personal Information is collected for the primary purpose of administering our services to the clients, for marketing, and to answer the queries asked by the customers. With our utmost adherence to protecting your personal information, we do not sell, rent, or share any PII to any person outside of Smart Photo Editors.

Sensitive Information

Any sensitive information will only be used by Smart Photo Editors for the primary purpose of answering your query and will be shared with our authorized personnel to serve you even better only after your explicit consent.

Security of Personal Information

All devices and computers containing Personal Information are stored in a secure environment, under surveillance, and we take all reasonable actions to protect it from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure.

When your Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, we take every reasonable step to destroy or permanently de-identify it.

Access to Your Personal Information

You may access the Personal Information that Smart Photo Editors holds about you to update, amend, correct, or modify it, subject to certain exceptions. To protect your Personal Information upon request for access, we may require identification from you before releasing the requested information. If you wish to access your Personal Information with Smart Photo Editors, please write to us at -

Use of Cookies

Smart Photo Editors uses the cookies stored on visitors’ machines only to perform web analytics and various other analyses.

Google Analytics Advertising

We have enabled Advertising Features, which allows Google Analytics to gather data about our website visitors. Google Advertising Features include the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Display Network Impression Reporting
  • Demographics and Interest Reporting
  • Data Collection via Advertising Cookies

Adhering to the Google Policies, we do not identify our site users or attempt to merge any personally identifiable information (PII) with non-personally identifiable information collected through Google advertising products or features without the prior consent of the website visitor.

Google Analytics Advertising Features Opt-Out

If any of our site visitors does not want to participate in the Google Analytics Advertising Features included on our website, then the visitor can click the Google Analytics Opt-out link and select to opt-out of this feature. This option prevents Google Analytics from collecting information about any site visitors of Smart Photo Editors. After clicking the link, the visitor needs to download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Add-On (by Google) for the web browser.

Customer Communication

Until the visitors to Smart Photo Editors website have requested not to, we may use PII to contact the visitors through phone, email, or other methods regarding our offerings, products, policy updates or for other marketing initiatives.

Privacy Policy Updates

We may modify or update this Privacy Policy Notification at any time, so please refer to this page for any changes made to our website policies.

Questions or Concerns

If as a website visitor, you notice that Smart Photo Editors is not adhering to the privacy policy, please feel free to reach us immediately at -