German based Children’s Portrait Photography Studio Saves Image Processing Costs by 50%, and Processes 60,000 Images per Annum by Partnering with Smart Photo Editors.


Our client was a well-known children's portrait photography studio in Germany, established in 2006. The studio was highly recognized for their photographic services offered in several major German cities. Due to their growing business, they were looking for a cost-effective outsourcing partner to handle their image processing work and keep their infrastructure costs down.


Some of the challenges we had to confront to keep the client satisfied were:

  • Producing 60,000 images per year under the contract
  • Working around the clock to ensure quick turnaround time
  • Guaranteeing 99.0% error-free output
  • Saving the client 40–60% in costs
  • Using only licensed software
  • Keeping infrastructure well-maintained to ensure high productivity


The client had high expectations of us and we strived to meet them all by taking the following steps:

  • Finding qualified and skilled resources suited for the job
  • Providing training in new technologies for the new recruits, as well as ex-isting employees
  • Employing adequate resources to meet the demands of work volume and turnaround time
  • Working tirelessly to ensure a turnaround time of 48 hours
  • Requiring our skilled editors to check for even the slightest of errors in order to guarantee 99.0% error-free output
  • Responding promptly to client queries
  • Using the latest photo editing applications
  • Ensuring top-level security to the client data, with Secure VPN communication—IPSec/PPTP, McAfee Enterprise suite for virus prevention, HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) and NAC (Network Access Control), gateway level anti-spyware and spam filter for Internet access & email server, URL filtering for surf control, domain-level access restriction with Group Policy, restricted Internet access based on domain authentication, centralized server-based storage, and a user authentication-based file system access policy
  • Dedicating 3–4 Mbps bandwidth for the Imaging team for rapid upload and download of work
  • Equipping 40 high-end workstations with the very latest licensed image editing applications


Our hard work and commitment to keep the client satisfied bore rich fruit:

  • We won the client's confidence and established a long-term relationship, with the client increasing our volume of work to 70,000 images for 2012!
  • We met the client's tight scheduling requirements
  • We saved the client between 40–60% on image processing costs every year!