Focus Stacking Services

SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) features Focus Stacking Services that takes photo clarity and sharpness to the next level. As a leading image editing service provider, SPE has honed this complex technique with our unique creative perspective and digital image processing capabilities. With our micros stacking services, a greater sharpness can be achieved in your images, and many problems can be resolved that occur while capturing sharper images using common photography and editing techniques, which results in loss of soft backgrounds and lack of image depth.

Our specialized Photoshop skills, infrastructure, and a team of photo editors have established SPE as an effective image editing outsourcing company in India that addresses the technical and business-related aspects of obtaining sharp, crystal clear images. Feature products, real estate, portraits, landscapes, and more, in exquisitely sharp edge-to-edge detail with SPE’s competitively priced, value-driven Focus Stacking Services. Contact us to learn more.

Focus Stacking Services

Focus Stacking Photoshop Services from SmartPHOTOeditors

Apart from our Photoshop service portfolio, our image editors rely on sophisticated image processing software and techniques to master the image stacking capabilities offered within our service range. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Focus Stacking for Still Life Images

SPE offers to focus stacking for a wide variety of still life images, including food, office spaces, desk objects, flowers, plants, and more, using masking and blending editing techniques during post-production to replicate the larger depth of field without compromising definition.

Focus Stacking for Still Life Images

Focus Stacking for Product Images

SPE features focus stacking for all manner of consumer products, including jewelry, fashion and accessories, automobiles, electronics, sports equipment, and beauty items that increase quality and definition of product details and ensure visual information can be accurately and attractively displayed for commercial websites.

Focus Stacking for Product Images

Focus Stacking for Landscapes

SPE provides focus stacking for landscapes that ensure all components within the scene are displayed in sharp focus, including bodies of water, desert scenes, forests, snow, and assorted wildlife. We apply additional color consistency and quality checks for better impact and edge-to-edge consistency.

Focus Stacking for Landscapes

Focus Stacking for Real Estate Images

SPE offers to focus stacking for real estate property and human-made architecture to significantly improve the level of detail across interior and exterior elements that typically suffer from poor lighting and exposure. Includes exposure blending, and both manual and automatic focus stack merging.

Focus Stacking for Real Estate Images

Focus Stacking for Portraits

SPE provides focus stacking for portraits to achieve greater polish and beautiful hyper-realistic detail that’s ideal for wedding and event photography, social media campaigns, promotional materials, corporate headshots, and more.

Focus Stacking for Portraits

The Benefits of Using SPE’s Photoshop Stacking Services for Special Effects

Present strikingly sharp macro photographs, and eye-opening degrees of razor-sharp image detail, while obtaining the benefits of an industry innovating outsourcing image editing provider:

  • Increased Depth of Field

    Ensure that foreground and background in your photos are equally sharp for better dynamic range and establish the visual impact of increasing the depth of field across the entire image.

  • Overcoming Photography Challenges

    Overcome challenges that occur in attempting to manually capture sharpness zones across image subjects, such as insufficient light and diffraction softening, and using narrow camera apertures during photography.

  • Macro and Micro Photography Solutions

    Macro and micro photographers can utilize SPE’s post-production services for entire portfolios of unfocused images, stitching them together for one unified, ultra-crisp image to get the most out of your subject matter.

  • Focus Stacking for Any Subject

    Receive stunningly photoshopped, focus stacking techniques on any type of still objects, people, moving objects, animals, nature, and products.

  • Automated Post-Production Analysis

    Improve both the artistic and scientific effects of your images with the versatility of generating and applying different image depths during post-production, with the advanced automated in-focus region and edge detection.

  • Present a Visual Experience

    Create a beautiful visual experience with your images and ensure you’re presenting them with maximum sharpness without sacrificing the attractiveness and balance of your composition.

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My experience with Frederick at SmartPHOTOeditors has been incredibly positive, particularly in terms of editing my photographs. I am impressed by the professionalism extended to me, as well as the swift turnaround time in handling my items.

SPE testimonial 2

Photography Professional

United Kingdom

I've recently had the opportunity to review the edited photos from the "Millenium Towers" project and I was profoundly impressed. The excellence of your work is truly commendable. Kindly convey my appreciation to your editing team for their outstanding job.

SPE testimonial 3


Real Estate Photography Company, USA

Collaborating with Prashanth Ashok was a remarkable, effortless process. I required immediate assistance with Photoshop services. Prashanth not only responded to my request promptly but also managed to deliver high-quality work within the same day.

SPE testimonial 1

Enterprise Software Manager


We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of our portraits. The service was quick, efficient, and did not put a strain on our budget. Continue the excellent work! We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.

SPE testimonial 2

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

Great photos, thanks. We were impressed with our results from our portrait – a great service and high-quality results (and it didn’t break the bank). Keep up the good work. We are really impressed.

SPE testimonial 3

Managing Director

Leading photography studio from Germany

We were extremely happy with the services provided by Real Estate property image enhancement works. The team was able to see us promptly and was very pleasant to deal with. We are delighted with such professional results.

SPE testimonial 1

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

Outsource Focus Stacking to the Image Editing Experts in India

A single photograph can’t achieve the powerful image sharpness and focused detail of combining numerous images taken at different focal points. But with Smart Photo Editor’s Focus Stacking Photoshop Services, you can drastically improve image quality and overcome photography limitations at competitive prices and on-demand turnaround times.

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