9 Reasons to Choose SPE’s Custom Wedding Album Design and Not a Template

The prep work is finished, the wedding shot and the edits are completed — the only thing left is the wedding album. The album compiles those twelve hours on your feet, lugging that gear around and shooting until you hear shutter clicks in your sleep into a single showcase of those amazing photographs. You sit down, log in, and choose a template.

But wait, is a cookie cutter wedding album going to show off your style? Is a preset album design going to showcase every image in the best possible presentation? If you wouldn’t use a one-click preset to edit all of your photos, why would you use an album template? Before you start with that template, consider these nine reasons to use SmartPHOTOeditor’s custom wedding album design service.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Album Design Showcases Every Image

A wedding creates multiple different types of photos — there are images of the newlyweds, the detail shots, photos of the guests and the wide-angles of the venue, just to name a few. While every image is important to capture, you don’t want to have a giant photo of the centerpiece, with tiny photos of the bride and groom. SPE’s custom wedding album design allows each image to be showcased in an appropriate way that represents the day. Mixed with professionally edited photographs, we create the wedding album not just representing a book of impressions of the event, but a reflection of memories for the couple.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Album Designs Ensure the Best Photos Make the Cut

The chances are that you have a few hundred great photos of the day — so how do they all fit in? Templates and auto-fill options don’t always get the best images included. And at the end, you might have three great must-have images but only one space left. With custom wedding album designs, every great image can make the cut, because each page is custom designed for the photos. Instead of designing the page without the photos, SPE’s custom wedding album design creates the pages with the photos in mind first.

Template-based Albums vs. Custom Album Designs

There’s no way around it — something that’s cookie-cutter and mass produced isn’t personal. Custom designs create a more personal feeling for the album. When you hand over a custom-designed wedding album over to your clients, you deliver a personalized collection of images from their big day. Delivering a custom wedding album shows clients that you pay attention to the details. That you don’t cut corners and their wedding wasn’t just a quick way to make cash. Creating custom edits instead of one-click fixes paired with an expertly-designed album creates a personal, carefully collated collection of memories for the couple.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Albums Get the Perfect Crops

Not every scene fits best in a 3:2 photo — but wedding album templates tend to use standardized spaces for each image. With custom wedding album designs, the slots for each image are based on the image itself and not a pre-set standard. Those wide angle shots of the venue fill the width of the entire page but use a height that leaves out the boring empty-space. In a custom design, we include the empty-space only when it enhances the overall photo, not when it’s just necessary to fit in the predetermined space. At SPE, album designs can either use the made-for-print ratio from the edited image or a custom crop with all those other edits are still intact.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Albums Place the Best Shots Front and Center

Every album page tends to have an image that’s more dominant than the others. When the placement, shape, and size of each image are pre-determined, the best shot of the spread may not wind up in that space. The template, for example, may have the largest image horizontal, when the best shot is vertical.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Album Design Avoids Awkward Errors

There a few “rules” to designing albums — and as a photographer, you may not even be aware of them all. Nothing quite throws off a spread like having a face or another important element of the image in the middle of the clutter, or the space between pages. Awkward limb crops, inconsistent styles and a lack of negative space can all ruin an album design. When you work with SPE’s team of designers, there’s no need to worry about accidentally breaking the rules that you didn’t know in the first place.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Albums Create a Cohesive Look and Brand Identity

From one page to the next, the wedding album needs to look like part of the same collection — and that involves more than just the layout. While keeping the design of the album consistently in one style is important, the images also need to have a cohesive look. Smart Photo Editors is both a photo album service and an editing service — which means that the colors and style of one image will match all the other images on that same page. Even when shots were taken in different locations or with different lighting, SPE can make sure that the images have a cohesive look.

SPE’s Custom Wedding Albums Free up Your Time

With outsourcing, your photo editing needs to Smart Photo Editors not only creates excellent results but frees up your time. What could you do without those few hours spent putting the album together? Using templates may be quick, but not nearly as quick as getting a custom wedding album design with Smart Photo Editors. With a custom wedding album design, you have more time to market your work, book your next session or shoot more photographs.

Custom Wedding Albums Are of Higher Quality

While the materials and print quality of the album matter, a custom layout polishes it off. The layout, quality, build and design of the album all work together to create a lasting final impression. A high-end wedding album should both have excellent quality and a beautiful design. When you deliver both high-quality images and an excellent album, your bride and groom are likely to recommend you to their friends.

Wedding albums can both make a great first impression for booking newly engaged couples or displaying at a wedding expo — and a lasting final impression for clients. That leaves you with more bookings both through that first impression and from recommendations from previous clients. Templates may be quick and easy, but they are impersonal, prone to errors and don’t showcase the images in the best light. To know more about our custom wedding album designs, pricing, turnaround time, and engagement model Contact Smart Photo Editors today.

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