Quality, Focus, and Business Continuity—the Important Qualities of a Design Firm

Often in the photo editing world, the focus is on price. It’s believed (erroneously) that all design firms have the same skills, and that all you need to do is find the designer with the best deal to offer for the price of the project.

But this is not the case. There are so many other things that make a good designer. If you focus on price alone, you’ll find yourself dissatisfied with the work.

More Than Just Low Prices

We offer some of the best rates in the industry, and our bulk rates are affordable even for the tightest of budgets—but we also understand that it’s not price that makes a great photo designer. There are so many other details that are important in a photo editing company, including:

  • Quality Standards

    It’s important that you find a business that has set quality standards within their company, particularly ISO standards that great businesses follow. Quality standards ensure that no project can be considered "done" until it is completed, and as a vendor, we follow all ISO recommendations on how to run an outsourcing company.

  • Training

    You want to find a company that trains its employees all year. Art is not like riding a bicycle—if you stop honing your craft for a while, it gets rusty. That’s why we make sure our employees practice during their off time, so that they are absolutely ready for their next project.

  • Business Planning

    Many design firms are thrown together with no business model and no dedication to improving on their current organizational processes. For the customer, that means that there are few safeguards in place if anything goes wrong, and fewer ways to ensure that your project moves along at the ideal pace to get it completed by the deadline. We are constantly tweaking our processes to make sure that each one is designed to account for every image and get it done quickly, playing to our strengths, improving upon our weaknesses, and creating a system that runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Customer Service

    Finally, customer service is a vital part of a design firm. Every customer has a vision in mind with their images, and only the companies that are willing to listen and respond to customer needs are going to be able to create a final product that meets that vision.

Looking at More Than Just Price

We pride ourselves on our affordable prices, but we also know that price isn’t the only way to choose a great design company. At Smart Photo Editors, we make sure that our company meets and beats your expectations, and our focus on quality, continuity, planning, and customer service all contribute to delivering a better experience for all of our customers. Contact us today to learn more.