Efficient IT Networks Support Massive File Transfers

While we handle projects both large and small, our company often deals with large amounts of work, as companies and individuals sometimes transfer as many as 100,000 images or more to our computers every day. These uploads take a considerable amount of bandwidth, and require constant server surveillance.

Most Photo Editors and Their IT Staff

That quantity of traffic is rough on any server. Companies without efficient IT networks in place quickly experience the downside of their poor planning, as these servers crash or slow down and may experience security issues.

As a customer, that means that your work can be lost, or your images can be stolen, or you may find that they’re not completed by the deadline. At best, these companies have one IT staffer on hand or outsource their IT themselves, and in the event of an emergency they’re left without a backup plan.

Overall, any time you use these companies you’re contributing to a system that may not be able to handle your work, and if you have deadlines that system may not meet them. You’re putting your images at risk with these companies.

Our IT Department

We know how important your work is, and we know how much strain 100,000 images uploaded daily can cause. That’s why we have a dedicated staff of qualified IT engineers to monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These engineers work directly with employees so that the upload process works efficiently, and the server is never affected by bugs or security breaches.

In addition, we have a dedicated T1 line ready as a backup, so that our bandwidth is never at risk. We also have a robust security system that monitors for any unauthorized activity, responds quickly, and notifies the IT staff to block the disruption immediately. Any attacks by any type of intruder are blocked immediately and your images and data are kept safe from prying eyes.

What This Means For Your Business

With this level of security and IT staff always at the ready, your work is never lost and deadlines are always met. We know how important your projects are, and we know how many images you need by your deadline, so we make sure our IT staff is always ready to handle any issues and trained in the latest IT techniques.

Our company is dedicated to getting you your images on time, on budget, and without any delays or issues. That’s why we have IT staff available 24/7 for server and employee support. Contact us today to find out more about our business model or to get started on your next project.