Furniture Retouching and Clipping Process

Furniture Retouching and Clipping Process at SmartPHOTOeditors

E-commerce’s popularity has surged recently as customers increasingly turn to online shopping to satisfy the majority of their consumer needs. This has placed increasing pressure on retailers and manufacturers to bolster their online strategy with attention grabbing images. As customers seek to enhance their at-home comforts, furniture manufacturers and retailers find themselves needing to better showcase their products and designs online to make a strong impact. With furniture retouching and clipping, images can be creatively altered to ensure potential customers can visualize how furniture might look in their home and make informed purchases.

SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE), an industry-recognized leader in creative image editing, relies on a process designed to meet the specialized requirements and challenges of furniture sellers and manufacturers who want to set new standards in quality for their online presence.

Furniture Clipping and Retouching Process

At SPE, our photo editors meticulously adhere to a proven furniture clipping and retouching process in order to fully capture the quality, design, and shape of the furniture. However, it’s important to leave some artistic room for unique custom effects and creative elements that elevate the images without compromising the original design components.

  • Raw Image Received: SPE receives your original raw images in any format via a secure portal, and then evaluates them to ensure the editing process aligns with the client’s vision before organizing and preparing them for further editing.
  • Image Clipping: We use a combination of manual and automated clipping techniques to create a clipping path that removes the furniture from its background and ensures that they are formatted correctly before further editing.
  • Background Recreation: A new background is then created for the clipped image, which brings the furniture to life by placing it in different settings with specialized lighting, shadow, or design effects.
  • Light or Exposure Correction: The image is then enhanced to ensure there’s no over or under saturation of light that can detract from the quality or details of the furniture. A harmonious balance and single source of light is achieved through corrective editing.
  • Color Correction: Our editors then proceed to correct the image’s colors using techniques such as color grading and saturation so that the furniture has an attractive warm or cool color scale and the original hues are naturally improved.
  • Shadow Adjustment: SPE retouches, adds, or removes shadows accordingly to ground the images within the desired background and enhance the shape, presenting a more realistic 3D impact.
  • Virtual Staging: As a final step, our editors create stunning virtual staging that places furniture in specific settings, such as office spaces, bedrooms, or kitchens, and groups pieces together for a cohesive appearance, ensuring customers can picture the furniture in their ideal environments.

Benefits of Furniture Retouching and Clipping

Clipping and retouching is an extremely valuable creative service for any furniture manufacturer or retailer, and part of any professional process when featuring wares online in eCommerce settings. From minute details to the big picture, retouching and clipping can provide a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond basic image enhancement.

  • eCommerce Optimization: Reach a wider audience with images that are optimized for various eCommerce platforms, including mobile and website.
  • Real Estate Support: Realtors and brokerages can display homes with virtual staged furniture pieces that are strategically retouched to sell an empty home faster.
  • Original Representation: Use retouched images in professional marketing campaigns without any misrepresentation because original images, color, and lighting remains intact--only perfected.
  • Versalite Room Layouts: Create beautiful online showcases of room layout possibilities so consumers can easily visualize different options for their home, office, or business.
  • Multiple Furniture Options: Show potential buyers what an individual item looks like in various options, like different fabrics, colors, or in combination with other furniture pieces.

Part of a Modern Virtual Experience Strategy

Furniture image retouching and clipping is the first step to preparing an impactful virtual eCommerce strategy to increase buyer interest and propel the purchasing forward. Furniture manufacturers and retailers can reach wider audiences, showcase their furniture designs professionally, and personalize how their brand is presented with images that reflect the quality of the actual pieces.

SPE’s editors are ready to bring your furniture images to the next generation of refinement; contact our knowledgeable team today and discover how we can edit and prepare your furniture images for eCommerce.

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