Professional Image Retouching and Clipping for US-based Haute Couture Design House

The Client – A Women Apparel Design and Retail House

Concentrating specifically on “Haute Couture” clothing highlighted on the fashion circuit, the client is a trend-inspired firm of clothing designers catering to women worldwide. Their dedication to beautiful and professionally created fashion has seen them rise to become the “must-have” provider of beautiful and elegant outfits for any occasion.

Striving to be a leader in fashion, they constantly search for new trends and ideas, which they bring back to their clients through personal styling sessions. They guarantee to provide the very best garment for any need.

Requirements for the Image Retouching and Clipping Project

Contacting our team at Smart Photo Editors (SPE) through online inquiry, the client had a project that required images of women’s clothing to be professionally retouched. Some of the images were marred by dust or wrinkles that needed to be smoothed out and removed for a more professional finish. The images were to be used for online advertising. The client provided us with the original images of the apparel in JPEG format.

This project required a team of two experienced photo editors, working on a volume of 3000 JPEG images and 3000 PSD images, working over 15 days.

Challenges Tackled by SPE’s Image Clipping Team

While working on this project, the main challenges were due to the in-depth detail needed for each image. As each image needed to be a specific size and style, we had to manually crop the details individually through Photoshop. This impacted our speed of delivery.

To handle this challenge, we formed an explicit team of experienced image editors. We worked on the more complex images first, which allowed us to schedule time for the less complex images. As a result, we successfully completed all of the required work within the agreed timeline.

The Process Our Image Clipping Team Followed

In order to ensure that our team’s output maintained our standard for excellence, we used a step-by-step approach to combat the challenges with which we were faced. Our step-by-step process was as follows:

  1. We began with a trial period, requested by the client, which involved completing 10 provided images over 6 hours.
  2. Once completed and accepted by the client, they sent us the images that required editing, which we then sorted into the order of process.
  3. We began manual cropping and retouching of each image, after which we added a white background, as per the instruction provided by the client.
  4. We used the Liquify tool in Photoshop to straighten the apparel and provide the required final finish.
  5. Once completed, we saved the images into two formats (JPEG and PSD) and sent the finished batches back to the client for a final inspection and approval.

End Benefits in the Form of 80% Cost Saving for the Client

By choosing to work with Smart Photo Editors, the client received the edited images they needed on time. Due to our advanced skill sets in projects of this nature, our services saved them an average of 80% in costs. Furthermore, the client received the benefit of offshore consultation and work.

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