Women’s Garment Brand Partners with SmartPHOTOeditors for 700 Image Clippings in 24 Hours
Image Clipping Project

Image Clipping for Renowned Women’s Garment Brand to Showcase Designer Wears

The Client – Danish Women’s Garment Manufacturer

Established in Denmark in 2003, the client is a Danish Warehouse Department specializing in the Women’s Garment industry. They are a family owned brand whose very name inspires customers with a desire for more “everyday luxury.” Their focus is on women’s nightwear, swimwear, and lingerie, and they plan on continuing that tradition moving into the future. Customers are passionate about the brand’s unique garment styles and reliable quality, as well as the attainable low-mid and mid-high price points.

Image Clipping Requirements for the Project

The client needed to revamp their brand with a marketing driven approach to their eCommerce portal and had nearly 1,000 images that required clipping. This high-volume image clipping project would demand the skill of an Image Editing team who could offer a complete service package and attractive outsourcing benefits.

The client reached out to SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) through a cold call, and decided to work with our team due to:

  • Our ability to successfully manage a volume-intensive image clipping project in under 24 hours while guaranteeing flawless image quality.
  • Our proprietary image editing capabilities and techniques, which includes use of top editing software and reliance on advanced project management platforms.
  • Our pre-existing knowledge of the most current European standards for image editing and manipulation.

Challenges Faced by Our Image Editors

SPE faced some challenges while embarking on this high-volume, short deadline image clipping project for the eCommerce domain:

  • Time management was extremely challenging to navigate due to the sheer volume of the images and the 24-hour turnaround time.
  • Numerous images required extensive enhancement and editing because of the low quality of the original format, which placed further time challenges on the SPE team.

SmartPHOTOeditors’ Approach to This Image Clipping Project

SPE instilled a comprehensive process for this image clipping project that utilized the combined skills of our top editors with a specialized application of our project management platform:

  • Following the deft completion of a trial project to ensure SPE could meet the client’s expectations and standards, the contract went into effect.
  • SPE assigned 2 highly skilled image editors to work exclusively on this task and handle communication with the client.
  • The client delivered over 700 images in JPEG format, along with a summarization of requirements.
  • SPE’s team began by color correcting the products according to the grey-card and making lighting and contrast adjustments to make the products look more enticing and professional.
  • A mixture of hand drawn and automated clipping path techniques were used depending on the individual product, with a heavy dependency on hand drawn methods due to the delicacy of the garment shapes.
  • The products were then inserted onto transparent backgrounds before being tightly cropped in size to accommodate a 1-pixel gap on the images.
  • Each product was positioned on a center alignment and an RGB Color Mode was utilized to reproduce a broad color range.
  • Metadata was removed and the products were rotated to strategic sales advantage and best viewing angles.
  • Each file was then saved in PNG format and renamed based on product type, color, and other description-based indicators for easy location and retrieval.
  • Following a Quality Control (QC) check, all images were delivered to the client in under 24 hours.

Additional Value Add

To provide more value, SPE performed additional retouching on some of the images at no charge to the client, and the project was prioritized to ensure the client’s deadline was met.

Adherence to the Tight Deadline Was the Key Takeaway from the Project

SPE completed over 700 image clippings for this eCommerce project in less than 24 hours, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client received all images on time, with additional complimentary enhancements and no change requests needed.
  • AWA’s team received personal praise from the client for the dedication shown to surpassing quality expectations.
  • The client contracted SPE for half a dozen new image editing projects that would support their ambitious upcoming social media campaign.