Digital Photo Manipulation Services

In the digital camera age, Smart Photo Editors provide high-quality photo manipulation for photographers and businesses. These specialized manipulation techniques can be time-consuming and require an expert touch from experienced photo editors such as those at Smart Photo Editors.

Professional photographers and eCommerce business owners often work with strict time and budget constraints. When faced with these challenges, a practical solution is to employ an experienced photo editing partner like SPE. Unlike many other providers, Smart Photo Editors never uses automated photo manipulation software that can provide a cheap-looking cookie-cutter look. For example, we can take your car "photo shoot" on the road to a curvy seaside road in California — without leaving your studio.

Getting your images to stand out in a crowd is a primary goal for photographers and marketing teams. One way to do this is with creative photo montages and collages. SPE can complete this time-consuming process and deliver attention-getting images that "Wow" your customers.

Whether you would like to achieve surreal artistic images with photo manipulation or correct distracting errors involving distortions and coloring, Smart Photo Editors can help. The following section describes five specific examples of our photo manipulation services.

Specialized Photography Manipulation Services

SPE offers specialized photo editing that includes these seven photo manipulation services:

  • Vehicle Image Manipulation

    Smart Photo Editors can help you avoid the usual challenges such as reflections and windows in a photo shoot involving cars and trucks. We can recolor the vehicle, replace (or remove) the background and reduce harsh reflections.

  • Product Photography Image Manipulation

    SPE can reduce the usual time and effort involved in product photography by digitally adjusting text on labels, removing backgrounds, shrinking or enlarging objects and changing colors. This can eliminate the need to photograph new images.

  • Portrait Image Manipulation

    Smart Photo Editors manipulates portrait images with virtual weight reduction, glamour retouching, blemish removal and background changes. Our expert editing team focuses on subtle and realistic adjustments.

  • Artistic Image Manipulation

    Smart Photo Editors is adept at using digital photo manipulation as an art form. We can produce paintings from digital photographs, assemble collages and montages, and create a comic book setting for your photos.

  • Landscape Image Manipulation

    SPE uses photo manipulation techniques to emphasize an object or remove objects and tourists. This saves the time and money required to reshoot a scene.

  • Car Image Clipping

    We can cut the unnecessary details out of any image and prepare a stock car image that you can use independently or transport onto other backgrounds.

  • Dropping Backgrounds

    We can cut out any unwanted backgrounds from any type of image, and prepare them for further use or manipulate the images further ourselves.

  • Photo Drop Shadow

    Our photo drop shadow services help in removing unwanted shadows from portraits, property images, and product photos. Our editing team also helps in highlighting the product outline by adding floating shadows and natural exposure correction.

The Photo Manipulation Service Benefits

Here are five key benefits of outsourcing your photo manipulation requirements to SPE:

  • SPE uses a human touch to create unique and appealing photos — By not relying on automated photo manipulation software, the SPE team creates unique images such as collages that will impress your potential customers and encourage sharing on social media.
  • Can eliminate the need for expensive photo shoots — SPE's high-quality photo manipulation services can help you reduce travel costs and exposure to uncertain weather conditions by giving you the appearance of an expensive photo shoot without leaving the studio.
  • Can help eCommerce owners create thousands of listings that are "different" — SPE can use digital photo manipulation to display different variations of the same product, allowing for more uniform product listings. Smart Photo Editors can easily handle high-volume assignments and offers volume discounts.
  • Can help you invest less in new staff, software and equipment — SPE already has a team of photo manipulation experts ready to get started on your projects. You can improve your bottom line by saving money while increasing sales.
  • Smart Photo Editors provides photo manipulation services with a fast turnaround — SPE helps you stay ahead of your competitors by finishing even complex photo manipulation assignments in as little as 24 hours.

Another Valuable Tool for Business Managers and Photographers

Photo manipulation services offered by Smart Photo Editors provide businesses and photographers another strategic way to improve quality while also saving time and money.

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