SmartPHOTOeditors Assisted All-women Tech Firm with Exceptional Image Clipping Services
Image Clipping Project

Image Clipping for a Leading Tech Firm to Enhance Their Product Catalog

The Client – A Woman-Owned, US-based Technological Company

The client is a US-based ITAR-registered technology company that is focused on developing high-performance components used in both commercial and military-grade systems. This woman-owned company offers a wide array of items from catalog products to fully custom-designed, application-specific, performance-specific, and function-specific ones.

This company categorizes all of its catalog products into 10 “families” based on their function. Even though their basic catalog supply is mostly comprised of general application categories, they remain committed to the manufacturing of fully customized products that are designed to meet the unique requirements for a number of applications.

The client’s overall mission is to design and manufacture high-performance components and assemblies that support engineers working with both traditional and emerging applications. All of this, while delivering top-quality customer experience.

The Client Presented Some Unique Requirements for This Image Clipping Project

In order to create the most effective marketing campaigns, the client needed to showcase their products in their eCommerce channels. So they searched for top outsourcing providers who specialized in image clipping. That’s when they found SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE).

  • The client required each product to be clipped from the image and for the logo to be replaced.
  • They also required these images to have a watermark placed over the product.
  • The client would send SPE images in JPEG format and required the clipped images to be converted to PNG and PSD formats.
  • The project was split into folders, and each folder had a 24-hour deadline attached to it.

Challenges Were Met Head-On by Our Professionals

The client required a trial period in which they would evaluate our services, but SPE was more than prepared. They gave us two weeks to complete this trial, so we assigned two of our most experienced image clipping experts to this project. Time wasn’t the only challenge, though, as we quickly discovered that the perspective correction of logos on the images to be the most challenging aspect.

SPE Formed a Fully Customized Image Clipping Process to Meet the Requirements

This project started out on a trial basis, but SPE still needed to come up with an optimized approach to meet the requirements of the client.

  • Discussed the project in detail with the client to make sure the requirements were laid out. Then we came up with a customized process based on this discussion.
  • The images were received by our team, which then performed advanced image clipping services on them. This had to be done without actually retouching the images.

    • Clipped products from the images.
    • Replaced the logos with updated ones.
  • A watermark was then placed on each image.
  • Images were saved as PNG and PSD, as requested by the client.
  • Final clipped images were sent to the client for approval.

A few of the images required retouching, which was done promptly.

The Client Benefited Heavily from Our Image Clipping Services

The key takeaways for the client were as follows:

  • We met and exceeded all of their expectations while reducing their overall cost by 60%.
  • We were able to perform these services in a fraction of the time it would have taken their in-house team to do it.