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Image Clipping Project

Time-critical Image Clipping Project for Atlanta-based Design Agency

The Client - Relief and Charity Driven Design Company

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the client is a design firm specializing in the creation of custom clothing, mugs, and gift items. Our client has a strong CSR centered around a better future for troubled animals in need. Additionally, they focus on educating communities about animal rescue missions through their recognizable product line.

Bulk Requirement for Image Clipping

The client approached SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) for a time-critical image clipping project. We were required to clip the face of different animals on socks and other similar gift items. These images were provided to us by the client along with specific instructions on the size, shape, and color details needed.

Challenges Faced by Our Image Editors

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the specific software the client needed us to use. This software was provided for us which we then needed to install and learn to navigate.

Because this software was custom made by the client, it was unlike any other software we had used before, and our systems struggled to recognize it. We overcame this issue by partaking in a trial run with the client. This gave us a better understanding of how this program works and exactly what the client was looking for.

Image Clipping Process Followed

Our design specialists have years of experience in working with numerous textures, colors, and image details. We assigned our best resources to this task and tackled it productively.

  • We started our first trial with the customer, which was comprised of 15 images.
  • We were given one day and the use of one resource to complete this test.
  • Our end products were exactly what the client needed. They then signed the contract, and we were ready to commence with the main project.
  • We moved on to a target of 500 images in one full day, which meant we had to work at a speed of one image per minute. This is double the speed of our overseas competitors.
  • Using the client-supplied software, we clipped the images and provided as required by the client.
  • Finally, we formed a team of 10 FTE resources to deliver 1000-5000 images per day.

Project Benefits – 1K to 5K High-Quality Images Delivered Every Week

By outsourcing this project to SmartPHOTOeditors, the client not only got exactly what they needed but as shown above we did it in much faster turnaround time. This saved the client a ton of money, helping to boost their profit margin. Because of our success in this project, the client was very satisfied and has asked for future projects to be handled by our expert team.

Note: References available on request