Outsource Depth of Field (DOF) Services

Smart Photo Editors has worked with professional photography clients throughout the world since 2004. SPE is comprised of a large workforce of expert photo editors who are adept at making the entire photo editing process more timely and cost-effective. One area of SPE specialization involves our advanced approach to enhancing depth of field services.

Improving the depth of field process is increasingly important to discerning photo editors. This requires a delicate combination of expert knowledge and advanced software — Smart Photo Editors is uniquely qualified to do this in a cost-effective fashion for our clients. We offer flexible pricing options — including a free trial. That means you have risk free option to outsource your photo editing jobs to SPE!

Depth of Field Help Provided by SPE

The need to master field of view photography challenges has become a mandatory skill in today's visual world. While this previously required various depth of field lens adjustments during a photo shoot, digital technology has provided the means to perfect the entire process during the editing phase. Here are the primary DOF services offered by Smart Photo Editors:

Large Depth of Field (deep focus)

If the entire image needs to be sharp, you will appreciate SPE's skills in bringing everything into focus. To achieve this solely with the original photo, a photographer would use a wide-angle lens and a small lens aperture (higher f-stops such as f11). You will often want a deep focus for landscape photography, still life images and product shoots.

Small Depth of Field (shallow focus)

When you want to emphasize the subject, Smart Photo Editors can help by ensuring that your photo de-emphasizes the background and foreground. Photographers can get this effect with a larger aperture setting (lower f-stops such as f2.8). This is frequently desired for portraits but also provides advantages for events and street shots.

Our DOF Process

Simply stated, our DOF job is to bring everything into a proper focus. At Smart Photo Editors, DOF is viewed as a comprehensive process and not a one-time task. Our skilled photo editors are digital photography experts who understand the underlying DOF formula parameters involving key depth of field elements: focal length, camera-to-subject distance and aperture settings. Just tell us what you want to see in the final image.

Our Depth of Field Service Quality Standards

At Smart Photo Editors, we have a never-ending quest for quality. Here is what SPE quality looks like in five key areas:

  • Workforce: Each of our digital photography experts is a certified Adobe® Photoshop® professional and has at least 5 years of advanced experience.
  • Software: In addition to advanced photo editing hardware, SPE has fully-compliant software including the latest Photoshop® package, professional plugins, and other Creative Cloud suites.
  • Quality Check: Each image will be checked for quality by a Smart Photo Editors supervisor prior to delivery.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): SPE provides a secure FTP access for transferring and receiving files.
  • Account Managers: Smart Photo Editors knows that our clients prefer a single point of contact for everything. Just phone or email your SPE account manager.

The Unique Benefits of Working with Smart Photo Editors

We are proud to be able to say that Smart Photo Editors is a "one-of-a-kind" business that offers you four distinctive benefits when you outsource your work to us:

  • Customer Service — Each customer is allocated a dedicated account manager who will remain the primary contact for your organisation.
  • Scaling Capabilities — SPE can work with projects of all sizes — small or large. We can quickly get up to scale to handle 1 million images with minimal advance notice.
  • Flexible Pricing Options — Just let us know whether you prefer fixed-fee, Per Image Pricing, FTE, or hourly pricing. We are also sufficiently confident about our work to offer a free trial.
  • Experienced Workforce — Without the need for you to hire a single employee, buy expensive equipment or upgrade any software, you will gain the benefits of having an entire photo editing staff of experts at your immediate disposal for end-to-end imaging solutions.

What to Do Next: Outsource Depth of Field Services to SPE

If you are looking for ways to reduce your photo editing costs while delighting your clients with even better work, you should talk to Smart Photo Editors. It will all come into focus once you outsource your Depth of Field and other photo editing jobs to SPE!

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