Furniture Image Editing for Major Retailer in Australia

Furniture Image Editing for Major Retailer in Australia

The Client - Leading Furniture and Bedding Retailer

Based in Australia, the client is a popular furniture and bedding retailer with a specific focus on locally designed and manufactured products. What started out as a single stall at the Parklea suburb markets in Sydney in 1989 is now a major retailer in 75 locations across the country.

The client’s main product line is centered around sofas, mattresses, and bed heads that can be customized in over 100 materials.

Requirements for the Image Editing Project

The client needed the assistance of an experienced image editing vendor to showcase several furniture items in various colors and textures. The image editing task aimed to increase sales by offering clients a closer look at the customized designs and styles available.

Our team was required to edit 600 to 1000 images per day at the low cost of $7000 per month. With an expected turnaround time of 24-48 hours per batch, we needed to plan to ensure that the clients’ needs were met.

Challenges Faced by SmartPHOTOeditors’ Team

Initially, we found it challenging to visualize the products and maintain color consistency depending on the product type. Texturization was a particularly steep hill to climb. However, after completing a few edits successfully, we found our stride and were able to continue unhampered.

Our Furniture Image Clipping and Virtual Staging Process

We assigned a team of three dedicated resources to this project, determined to exceed the client’s expectations around quality and turnaround time. The project duration was set at close to a year and is currently still ongoing.

We developed the following step-wise process to remain on track:

  • Four different furniture variants were received.
  • Using Photoshop, all images were cut and clipped as per the client’s specifications.
  • Our team then applied different color codes and textures to the furniture, aiming for total consistency across the board.
  • All final files were delivered (and continue to be delivered) to the client via Dropbox.

Key Takeaways from the Project

With our talented team of image editing experts, we have been able to meet the client’s expectations and continue to deliver top quality results almost a year later. With our low-cost approach to the demanding task, we have every confidence that the client will continue to work with us in the future.