Smart Photo Editors Delivered Time-critical Image Editing Project to US-based Real Estate Firm

The Client - A Leader in the Real Estate Sphere

Our client, based in the United States, is a real estate firm that acquires and develops land sites for residential, office, commercial, institutional, and industrial uses. Their requirement was centered around the interior and exterior imagery of their latest property development project.

Requirements for the Real Estate Image Editing Project

The client requested Smart Photo Editors (SPE) for image clipping, coloring, and virtual staging services for the interior and exterior areas of one of their new property development projects. Our team was required to complete 200 edits per day and approximately 4000-5000 images per month at a competitive price.

With a short turnaround time of 48 hours per batch of images, our team was pressed for time. As such we assigned two dedicated and highly experienced resources to tackle the task.

Proposal Validation and Getting the Approval Were the Challenges

The complex requirements expressed by the client, along with insufficient data and a tight deadline, made this a challenging project. Additionally, our team faced many change requests, which further served to place our image editing professionals under significant pressure.

We also faced a few hiccups with proposal validation and approval, which we managed to iron out to complete the project with no further issues.

Real Estate Image Editing Process Followed by Smart Photo Editors

Our team of two dedicated resources was geared up for success, despite some initial challenges. Using Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photometric, we were able to complete the editing process quickly and efficiently.

Our carefully formulated, the step-wise process was as follows:

  1. The correction of color bracketed images was performed through the process of photometric blending.
  2. Window masking, noise reduction, and decluttering procedures were implemented.
  3. The virtual staging was performed after receiving the client’s choice of different furniture sets as well as various color and lighting conditions.
  4. The final step in the editing process was to change the walls through color correction.
  5. We delivered the final outputs to the client in record time.

Project Benefits

Our editors were able to overcome significant challenges and deliver a final product that the client was highly impressed with. Our ability to complete bulk orders within a short turnaround time and at a lower-than-expected cost sets us apart from our competitors, and as such we look forward to a long-term professional relationship with the client in the future.

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