A Canadian History Book Publishing Company Increases Sales by 20% and Receives Best Compliments for Presenting Historical Photos

The Client:

Established by a group of renowned authors, the client is a Canadian based independent historic book distribution and publishing company that releases several books every year under its own imprint for both academic and non-academic readers.

The Business Situation:

The client wanted us to convert historic black and white photos captured during 1896-1899 into color so that it can use colored photographs in its further book publications to please the eyes of the readers thereby increasing sales. The quest of the project was to present the old photos as realistically as possible within a short turnaround time.

The Challenges:

Below mentioned were few challenges we faced during the course of the action.

  • Conceptualizing the historical events presented in black and white photography and convert them into colored based on extensive research to attract book readers
  • Characterizing the objects accurately in case of photos captured in public utilities and developing appropriate photography backgrounds
  • Restoring the objects precisely from extremely damaged photos

The Solution:

The final solution for the client’s specific needs was drafted in consideration with the following elements.

  • Assigned a team of specialized artists who have solid skill sets and similar experience to accomplish this challenging task under the guidance of a dynamic project manager
  • Doing extensive research on the given photographs to understand the concepts, and produce the best color combination for better presentation
  • Conducting in-house quality check by experts to review the photography and make suggestions if desired for quality service delivery

The Result:

The client was satisfied with our professional approach towards the work, and cost-effective timely solutions. Following are the benefits enjoyed by the client.

  • In response to the high printing quality with colored photography, the client experienced increase in book sales by 20%.
  • The client was able to receive the best compliments from the readers for better presentation of historical events/old photography through colored photography.