Antique Photo Restoration Services

As antique photographs deteriorate over time, preserving them becomes even more important. With the help of SmartPHOTOeditors’ antique photo editing services, these cherished memories can be preserved for posterity. Our depth of experience gives us the edge in editing all types of aged photographs.

Our photo editors are skilled to remove the aging marks on photographs due to lack of care and environmental factors affecting the color and coating of photos over time. We also help reviving images from the damage, fading, and warping caused by the acidic envelopes, exposure to the sun, and moisture.

Our team reverses damage and records these historic images digitally. Our high-resolution scanning and analysis techniques enable us to restore the images with their natural colors. We carry out pixel-by-pixel retouching where required to deliver a seamless, original look and ensure that these precious images are not only preserved, but also enhanced.

SmartPHOTOeditors Introduction

Antique Photo Editing Services by SmartPHOTOeditors

We have years of experience in restoring and improving aged photographs, including the following advanced services:

Removing Mold Stains

Mold sets in with age and can totally destroy photographs. We reverse these adverse effects of time and neglect, to bring back the images you know and love.


Eliminating Color Casts

The yellowing effect of older photographs is called color cast. We compensate for the ill effects of time in our high-resolution scanning and repair procedures.

Family Photo Airbrushing

Piecing Together Torn Images

Ripped images don’t have to be thrown away. Our advanced restoration techniques enable us to them back together.

Wedding Photo Airbrushing

Repairing Water Damage

Water has a catastrophic effect on photos and unfortunately, often goes hand in hand with fire damage. We rescue damaged images and return them to their former glory.

Headshot Photo Airbrushing

Missing Element Restoration

We have the ability to restore and enhance missing parts of images, and highlight specific details, based on requirement. We replace missing elements with accuracy and attention to detail.

Travel Photo Airbrushing

Smudge & Blotch Removal

Dust, cracks, smears, fold-marks, and liquid damage cause smudges and blotches. We ensure that your cherished images are free of these types of damage.

Travel Photo Airbrushing

Enhancements & Paleness Reduction

We reduce the paleness of older images and enhance the colors back to their original state. We fix fades caused by loss of chemical pigments, album adhesives, and many other damaging elements.

Travel Photo Airbrushing

End-Benefits of Our Antique Photo Restoration Services

It is not unusual for a normal lighting and camera setup to create "issues" that would not appear in real life. For example, under-eye shadows and yellowed teeth are routinely created by artificial lighting. When this happens, why should you outsource airbrush image services to SmartPHOTOeditors? Here are five benefits of making the SPE photo editing team your final choice:

  • Elite Professionals

    Our team is comprised of the best photo restoration professionals in the industry with years of experience in providing the best quality results. Their skills and knowledge base are as extensive as their portfolios.

  • Proven Procedures

    The way we work is optimized to deliver the best possible results in the least time possible. We plan effectively and create a path to success for each new challenge.

  • Leading Software

    We use the latest and greatest technology. Our powerful software is the best available on the market and runs on high powered systems to complement the restoration process.

  • We Are Global Leaders

    SmartPHOTOeditors is among the most reliable and globally sought-after businesses for image editing and restoration. Our persistent innovations, dedication to success, and diligent planning have earned us this highly trusted status.

  • Data Integrity

    We follow strict global data security protocols and operate on secure and encrypted systems to ensure total safety of your images. Our every move is overseen by our advanced security protocols.

  • Value For Money

    SmartPHOTOeditors allows for big savings in antique photo editing. We ensure that costs are kept low and turnaround times are rapid. Restoring antique photos has never been this easy and affordable.

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My experience with Frederick at SmartPHOTOeditors has been incredibly positive, particularly in terms of editing my photographs. I am impressed by the professionalism extended to me, as well as the swift turnaround time in handling my items.

SPE testimonial 2

Photography Professional

United Kingdom

I've recently had the opportunity to review the edited photos from the "Millenium Towers" project and I was profoundly impressed. The excellence of your work is truly commendable. Kindly convey my appreciation to your editing team for their outstanding job.

SPE testimonial 3


Real Estate Photography Company, USA

Collaborating with Prashanth Ashok was a remarkable, effortless process. I required immediate assistance with Photoshop services. Prashanth not only responded to my request promptly but also managed to deliver high-quality work within the same day.

SPE testimonial 1

Enterprise Software Manager


We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of our portraits. The service was quick, efficient, and did not put a strain on our budget. Continue the excellent work! We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.

SPE testimonial 2

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

Great photos, thanks. We were impressed with our results from our portrait – a great service and high-quality results (and it didn’t break the bank). Keep up the good work. We are really impressed.

SPE testimonial 3

Managing Director

Leading photography studio from Germany

We were extremely happy with the services provided by Real Estate property image enhancement works. The team was able to see us promptly and was very pleasant to deal with. We are delighted with such professional results.

SPE testimonial 1

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

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SmartPHOTOeditors is a global industry leader in enhancing and restoring antique photos. We utilize the best equipment, operated by global industry-leading talent. We meticulously ensure that every image is restored to its former glory.

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