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Secure File Transfer Application | Smart Photo Editors
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Secure File Transfer and Notification System

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) is a leading photo editing company in India that relies on a skilled team of image editors, advanced software, and techniques to bring digital and printed photography into new realms of creativity and professionalism. Our business model is built around providing high-quality deliverables while ensuring data safety and information privacy. SPE’s software team has customized the industry-leading application FlatFilePro to ensure secure file transfer with our esteemed clients. Given the sensitive, confidential, and copyrighted nature of many types of content requiring photo editing, SPE has responded to the market need for more robust security and privacy standards with this application that can be accessed through a VPN.

Businesses, professional photographers, and individuals alike can take advantage of the data protection and dependability of SPE’s safeguarded file transfer system.

How to Use SPE’s Secure File Transfer Application- FlatFilePro

SPE has tailored the FlatFilePro application so that our clients can easily utilize this application during all of their file transfer based interactions with our diligent photo editing team:

  1. 1
    When the client is on-boarded during the initial stages of the project, an email is delivered to them that includes login credentials and the link to the FlatFilePro application.
    FlatfilePro Email
  2. 2
    The client then logs onto FlatFilePro.
    FlatfilePro Login Screen
  3. 3
    The FlatFilePro tool automatically creates a folder organized by date, with five different sub-folders:
    FlatfilePro Dashboard FlatfilePro Dashboard Folder
    1. a)
      Instructions: All of the instructions for the client’s input files that are provided in the form of notepad, word file, or PDF can be uploaded to the Instruction folder.
      FlatfilePro File Managment
    2. b)
      In: All of the input files (i.e., images) are uploaded into the In folder, and the SPE team receives an auto-notification that the client’s files can be accessed, and they can begin working.
      FlatfilePro File Upload FlatfilePro File Selection FlatfilePro File Upload Window FlatfilePro File Managment FlatfilePro Upload Popup FlatfilePro Upload Complete
    3. c)
      Submit: The SPE team works on the client’s images and then uploads the final edited copies to the Submit folder. The client will receive an auto-notification once SPE uploads their files.
    4. d)
      Review: The client downloads the edited files from the Submit folder, and if any changes are required or feedback needs to be provided, they can upload their images again in the Review folder. The Review folder also features a section where the client can add instructions. Following client upload, the SPE team will receive an auto-notification.
      FlatfilePro File Review FlatfilePro File Review Upload FlatfilePro File Review Popup FlatfilePro Feedback Window FlatfilePro Feedback Submit
    5. e)
      Resubmit: Any reworked files will be submitted to the Resubmit folder by the SPE team. The client will receive an auto-notification when SPE uploads the reworked files.
      FlatfilePro Review Feedback Mail

Benefits of Using SPE’s FlatFilePro System

SPE ensures that our clients have a safe medium for file transfer and notification with FlatFilePro, along with streamlined user experience and dependable functionality:

  • Simple and Secure Accessibility: FlatFilePro uses account-based access only through a VPN.
  • 100% Data Protection: Client files only accessed within the secure office network for 100% data safety.
  • Transfer 1TB at Once: Capable of transferring any size files in one efficient process, up to 1 TB.
  • Rapid File Transfers: Incomparable file transfer speed, capable of 500 MB in less than 10 minutes.
  • Enhanced Workflows: Uploaded client files map to SPE with instant notifications for rapid workflows.
  • Auto-Notifications: Clients receive auto-notifications via email whenever SPE submits files.

Reliable File Transfer System with the Image Editing Experts at SPE

Clients can have confidence in the security, data privacy, and data protection offered by SPE’s customized FlatFilePro - Secure File Transfer and Notification application. Move your data quickly and securely via a well-managed and optimized file transfer system, regardless of the file’s complexity, volume, or size.

Contact SPE for more information about our catalog of Photo Editing Services and take advantage of the security and reliability of our FlatFilePro application.