Customer Report Mobile Application

Mobile application from Smart Photo Editors to help clients get detailed progress reports/work status reports for their outsourced projects. As a tool to keep clients updated about their projects, we’ve developed this application with several key features including the provisions for:

  • Delivery Reports (Turnaround Time Reports)
  • Production Reports
  • Quality Reports (Client Feedback Report)
  • Project Status Report at different time intervals
  • Monthly Billing Reports

This application is users-friendly, completely secure, and authenticated at service, project and report levels. It has access control based on IP address, geo-location and device ID, and facilitates quick decision-making for clients by providing an access to view their projects’ statuses live feedback to Smart Photo Editors’ operations team.

Our mobile application can be downloaded via following app stores:

Note: Window 8 application development is in progress, and will be made available in Window Store soon.

What Benefits Do You Get from this Application?

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Anywhere, Anytime Data
  • Graphical Insights
  • Visibility into the Project
  • Easy and Immediate Feedback
  • Contact Information

If you’ve any queries on this application, please contact us!