Jewelry Image Editing for American e-Commerce Firm
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Jewelry Image Editing

11K Jewelry Images Delivered with Sophisticated Professional Touch to Intrigue Jewelry Sales

Our Client – American Jewelry Company

The client is a family owned jewelry e-commerce business based in Minnesota, U.S.A. Combining the expertise of a jewelry maker, a watch expert, and a diamond manufacturer, the company brings unparalleled products at the best value, with the ease and convenience of online shopping. The client offers a broad selection of rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets made with certified and ethically sourced diamonds that come at a fraction of the cost of their competitor’s products.

Image Clipping and Jewelry Retouching Requirements

Being an e-commerce store, it’s essential for the client to feature their wares in a perfectly detailed, brilliantly rendered form free of any typical irregularities that occur during the photography process. They needed a photo editing outsourcing agency capable of handling high volumes of image clipping and retouching.

The client heard of SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) through an online inquiry and decided to contract our services due to the following:

  • High-quality portfolio gallery, which displayed SPE’s expertise in handling the nuances of jewelry image editing intended for e-commerce.
  • Usage of current and state of the art photo editing software and techniques, executed by educated editing technicians and Adobe artists.
  • Ability to leverage a flexible outsourcing model that accommodated the client’s budget.

Challenges Faced by the Jewelry Retouching Experts at SPE

SPE faced a few challenges while working on this image clipping and retouching contract for the jewelry industry:

  • We also faced a few hiccups with proposal validation and approval, which we managed to iron out to complete the project with no further issues.
  • The images were the low quality with several issues, including dustiness, graininess, dampness, damage, or blurriness, which required extensive retouching and editing.
  • The images had to be featured in a 360-degree manner, varying in 1 degree per shot, with ensured consistency across all minute differences in each degree.
  • The images had originally been photographed in a variety of different lighting conditions and angles, and the completed images needed to feature shine that was consistent across all images.

SPE’s Approach to This Project

To elevate both the work process and the deliverables, SPE customized the approach to this image editing and retouching project:

  • SPE started with a trial assignment for ten images completed by one resource, which was finalized within the same day.
  • Being extremely pleased with the trial results, the client approved the full-time contract and sent input in the form of a zip link from their site.
  • The first jewelry category to be completed was rung, followed by necklaces and bracelets for over 11,000 images.
  • SPE assigned 4 Adobe artists to work exclusively on the project and facilitate communication with the client.
  • The team used Adobe Photoshop to do the clipping and retouching based on the client specifications, combining hand clipped and automatic techniques for the best possible results.
  • The editing process included adding gloss and shine to the images, enhancing and brightening color, and removing spots, fingerprints, and any other demarcations.
  • Five thousand edited and retouched images were delivered to the client per week via Dropbox.

Additional Value Add by the SPE Image Editing Team

To add further value, SPE created a beautiful, cohesive custom color palette for the backdrop of all images that aligned with the client’s business color scheme.

Key Project Takeaways

This image clipping and retouching project for the jewelry industry was completed to the satisfaction of both parties, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was able to upgrade their e-commerce site to meet growing customer demand, allowing them to significantly increase their sales.
  • The client loved the quality of the completed images and asked SPE to handle the photoshop editing for their entire product catalogue.
  • SPE is appreciative of the additional outsourcing contract with a long-term valued client.