SmartPHOTOeditors Recreating the Past with Sketch Like Portrait

SmartPHOTOeditors Recreating the Past with Sketch Like Portrait

The Client - An Image Manipulation Service Provider

The client is an image manipulation service provider with a vast range of services and experience; these range from – Portrait retouching, Wedding photo retouching, Color correction, Custom image editing, etc. Catering to a large customer base, one of their most popular services is to create custom sketch-like portraits out of photos.

Requirements for Sketch Like Portrait Creation

Our team was approached with a project requiring a unique portrait creation. The client provided photographs, and we were required to create an image that looked like a hand-drawn sketch. The client also provided initial details and instructions, and the final Objective was to create a high-quality product for online publishing.

Challenges Faced by SmartPHOTOeditors Portrait Editing Team

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the requirements of the client. Because this was their first project with us, the client was not sure what end product they were really looking for, and so changed the instructions on numerous occasions which put time pressures on the team to complete within the budget.

However, after a few meetings and ‘hashing it out’ we were able to gain a more defined plan and end goal and were able to move forward without any more hindrance.

Our Portrait Retouch and Editing Process

After having a detailed discussion with the client, we were able to move forward with a productive stride. Our process included:

  • The client sent us the original photographs for this project. Because this was a high-value project with just five images to edit, we were extra cautious about meeting the client’s expectations.
  • Our team got started and created the first-hand drawn drafts of each image.
  • We then sent the first test runs to the client for checking, who sent them back with the final tweak requests.
  • Our image editing team researched which software to use on the final process outline and settled on B-funny plugin.
  • Due to our experience and the software used, we were able to create the exact output that the client wanted and delivered the five images in time well within the expected turnaround time.

Project Takeaways – In-time Delivery and a Happy Client

By coming to SmartPHOTOeditors with this project, the client was able to not only get the exact output they were looking for but also save time and money in doing so. Our team utilized years of experience and delivered high-end quality hand-drawn replicas of each image that exceeded the client’s expectations and all requirements for online publishing.

Because of this, the client was so impressed with our output that they immediately requested for more projects to be handled by us in the future. We are confident that our working relationship with this client will be a long and prosperous one.