Photo Drop Shadow Service

SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE) provides drop shadow service to create an amazingly realistic effect on images by contrasting them with the background. Our image editors add the shadow effect to duplicate the shape of certain objects at specific angles, making it feel as though the light is cascading down on the object of attention. From natural shadow and floating shadow to reflection shadow, our drop shadow image services have helped many retail and eCommerce clients boosting conversions.

Whether it’s product images, real estate property images, or even portraits, SPE’s editing team can add or remove shadows, enhancing the feel of the images naturally. Contact us to discuss your projects and learn more about our pricing models to get started.

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Photo Drop Shadow

SmartPHOTOeditors’ List of Amazing Photo Drop Shadow Services

Apart from image clipping, background removal, natural shadow editing, you can be benefitted from the following under our drop shadow services:

eCommerce Product Drop Shadow

What better way to make your products pop than to create visually stunning shadows? Our team of experts can remove unwanted shadows of the product or other objects through advanced background and shadow removal techniques. Similarly, shadows can be added appropriately to enhance product outline.

eCommerce Product Drop Shadow

Floating Drop Shadow Editing

Our team of experts will create the same shadow effect on objects in mid-air, creating a floating shadow that makes the subject of the image much more noticeable.

Floating Drop Shadow Editing

Cast Shadow Editing

Cast shadow editing is a bit trickier because it involves removing an older shadow and/or replacing it. Fortunately, our team of experts has the tools and experience to pull it off flawlessly!

Cast Shadow Editing

Reflection Shadow Editing

This service is ideal for products and catalog photos that are being shown on a surface. We create a reflection and cast it from the surface, creating an eye-popping display that demands attention.

Reflection Shadow Editing

Benefits of Our Photo Drop Shadow Services

Drop shadow effects demand attention, but the type of attention they receive is highly dependent on the quality of the photo edit. That’s why outsourcing the drop shadow requirements are so beneficial. Here are some the Amazing benefits of using our photo drop shadow services:

  • Remove unwanted reflections

    he reflection of other objects or the light reflecting from the product takes away a lot of detail. Our editors can remove those for a clean, sharp image.

  • Adding shadows

    Many times, a shadow highlights an object outline and gives it an appealing look. Our team can add a floating shadow to enhance the look of the image naturally.

  • Removal of shadows

    Sometimes, the shadows are annoying, and for a sharp product outline, we help remove the shadows completely and enhance the product outlines.

  • Additional image enhancement

    Along with adding or removing shadows, SPE also enhances the image quality with additional exposure correction and color adjustment.

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My experience with Frederick at SmartPHOTOeditors has been incredibly positive, particularly in terms of editing my photographs. I am impressed by the professionalism extended to me, as well as the swift turnaround time in handling my items.

SPE testimonial 2

Photography Professional

United Kingdom

I've recently had the opportunity to review the edited photos from the "Millenium Towers" project and I was profoundly impressed. The excellence of your work is truly commendable. Kindly convey my appreciation to your editing team for their outstanding job.

SPE testimonial 3


Real Estate Photography Company, USA

Collaborating with Prashanth Ashok was a remarkable, effortless process. I required immediate assistance with Photoshop services. Prashanth not only responded to my request promptly but also managed to deliver high-quality work within the same day.

SPE testimonial 1

Enterprise Software Manager


We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of our portraits. The service was quick, efficient, and did not put a strain on our budget. Continue the excellent work! We will definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.

SPE testimonial 2

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

Great photos, thanks. We were impressed with our results from our portrait – a great service and high-quality results (and it didn’t break the bank). Keep up the good work. We are really impressed.

SPE testimonial 3

Managing Director

Leading photography studio from Germany

We were extremely happy with the services provided by Real Estate property image enhancement works. The team was able to see us promptly and was very pleasant to deal with. We are delighted with such professional results.

SPE testimonial 1

Photo Editing Manager

Real Estate Studio in Sweden

Enhance your Brand with Our Photo Drop Shadow Services

A brand lives and dies through its catalogs and images used on their eCommerce website. It’s essential that all photos reach out and grab buyers’ attention. SPE can help you achieve that goal by ensuring your images are edited using the latest technologies. Contact us today and avail of the benefits of professional drop shadow services.

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