Cinemagraph Creation Services at Smart Photo Editors

Smart Photo Editors (SPE) create Cinemagraphs that stand out in any digital marketing campaign. At SPE creating a cinemagraph in Photoshop is an intense, mutli-step process. There are a few programs designed just for cinemagraph, but they don't always compress or loop the file properly, leaving you with a poorly done product and a headache even after hours of work at the computer.

Smart Photo Editors is the smarter way to create cinemagraph. Just send us the video file and we'll mask it, loop it, compress it and most importantly, take care of all those headaches. With our cinemagraph service, you don't have to worry about compression issues, getting a proper loop or being limited to only a set of automated filters.

Cinemagraph are unexpected—they look like still photos, but actually move. Because they are unexpected, they are excellent tools for marketing campaigns, including:

  • Unique, viral social media posts
  • Catchy webpage headers
  • Eye-catching product photos and demonstrations
  • Digital billboards with subtle motion

But, the cinemagraph is also a high-end tool. Done incorrectly, your cinemagraph will wind up, well, looking like a boring, stuttering GIF.

Can you really expect high-end from automated software?

That's why Smart Photo Editors now offers high-end cinemagraphs. When our expert photo editors create cinemagraph, you have a beautiful picture with subtle movement that's bound to catch the eye.

Our Cinemagraph Services

By using an expert photo editor as a cinemagraph creator instead of software, you get highly detailed results that you can't replicate with a computer.

  • Cinemagraph Creation

    All you need to do is send us the files, and Smart Photo Editors will create a unique moving picture. Whether you want a small object to move or the entire background, we'll mask or cut out the moving portion so you'll get a custom-designed cinemagraph that best suits your digital marketing campaign.

  • Cinemagraph Editing

    Besides just creating moving photos, we'll fine-tune the image as a whole, including correcting the exposure and even removing blemishes.

  • Cinemagraph Trimming

    The length of a cinemagraph can play a big role on it's overall impact—too long, and you'll lose views from slow load times. Don't worry, we'll trim it down for the best balance between quality and load speeds.

  • Cinemagraph Looping

    Wait, did that photo just move? If you don't put the motion on an endless repeat, your viewers may think they're seeing things. We'll loop the cinemagraph so it continues to play seamlessly.

Working With Smart Photo Editors: The Cinemagraph Benefits

So, what do you get with Smart Photo Editors instead of a cinemagraph software?

  • Affordable cinemagraph: With Smart Photo Editors, you can skip the expensive software. Our cinemagraph service is much more affordable than purchasing a cinemagraph software and an image editor.
  • Minimal time investment: Cinemagraphs are complex to create. Skip the time investment of learning and creating cinemagraphs—all you have to do is upload your files.
  • Cinemagraphs with the human element: Computers can't always clip the object properly to select the moving portion. With our team of photo editing experts, we can clip and create from even the toughest shots.
  • High-end cinemagraph: Cinemagraphs should have smooth, seamless movement. That's tough to do, even with dedicated software.

The best cinemagraph creators aren't computers.

Stand out from the crowd and create beautiful cinemagraph, simply, with Smart Photo Editors.

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