Piracy Effect Customer Pricing

How Does Software Piracy Effect Customer Pricing?

Software piracy is a serious problem. Research has shown that for every dollar that piracy takes from a software company, as much as $5 is taken from the revenue of other organizations. Piracy involves numerous factors that affect the pricing and financial health of legitimate corporations. Some of the issues caused by piracy include:

  • Lower Service Costs – Lower service costs may sound like a benefit, but by offering lower costs, the companies are damaging the revenues and reputations of hard working, legitimate companies that paid for the rights to use the software. Every time you support a company that uses pirated software, you’re taking money from the companies that support both the law and their fellow software developers and engineers.
  • Less Trustworthy Businesses – A company that pirates software is committing illegal acts. When you work with one of these businesses, you’re putting your money and your photos in the hands of those who work on the black market, potentially risking your finances and your memories.
  • More Flaws – These same companies clearly do whatever it takes to get your business, likely employing individuals with little training who work for cheap. Your photo editing and restoration needs to be in the hands of experts who understand modern technology, not thieves who cut corners to save money. You should expect their work to be of lower quality.
  • Fewer Upgrades – The money that pays for software licenses goes directly towards better photo editing technology. By supporting companies that pay for their licenses legitimately, you are boosting the development of better photo editing software in the future.
  • Higher Prices Down the Road – Finally, while you may save money now, paying for services from companies that steal software is going to hurt your costs down the road. Software developers increase their costs to compensate, and over time the cost of services from legitimate companies will go up as a result.

Not to mention that pirated software can have viruses, issues with data transfer, and potentially cause problems with your own work down the road. For these reasons and more, it’s unacceptable to work with pirated software, either within your own business or with the businesses you outsource your work to. The money you save now will cost you dearly down the road.

Software piracy has a serious effect on technology and all legitimate businesses. That’s why it’s so important for you to work with a company you can trust – a company that pays for every license in order to bring you quality services within the law. Our company licenses all of its software directly from vendors, and still offers you affordable pricing to ensure you receive the quality editing and restoration you need.

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