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Onsite Training—Taking the Offsite Training Digital

Photo editing takes a great deal of time and practice. In many ways it’s both an art form and a technical skill. Our artists need to understand the intricacies of a photo and how to perfect it, but they also need to understand how to work with software in order to take advantage of that artistry.

That’s why artists need training. The training helps them learn new and effective ways to transform photographs into masterpieces, all in a way that utilizes new technology efficiently.

Training and Costs

In the past, developers and designers would hop aboard planes, fly all the way to the training sites, receive personal training, fly back, and try to remember and use that training in their work. This was not only a time–consuming process, it was also costly and not necessarily effective. Those costs would then have to be recouped through sales, and ultimately you would be charged more for the work you needed.

It was an inefficient process, and an unnecessary one. In today’s digital age, there are many more efficient ways to receive training—ways that keep costs down, and actually make training more effective.

Online Offsite Training

Rather than send designers one at a time to train from experts, entire teams of designers can undergo training in a group, using the Internet to communicate their questions and learning first–hand. This provides numerous benefits over the traditional methods:

  • More people can be trained, allowing designers to learn not only from the trainer, but also from each other through the questions they ask and the interactions they have.
  • Costs are kept lower, because the expense of plane tickets, hotels, and in–person training is eliminated, saving our customers money.
  • Follow–up training becomes more convenient, so every member of our editing team can receive new training whenever needed, without incurring more costs.

When employees need more in–depth training, we fly the trainers in (rather than going to the trainer) and allow them to train the entire group at once, cutting costs further while letting them see our designers in action.

We use the same methods with large, bulk customers. When customers have large and ongoing projects, rather than send for designers, we work with customers to have them come to our studios and discuss their project with us. For smaller projects this takes place online, and for very large projects, we’ll even consider bringing our customers in so that they can see our designers work, explain their thoughts first–hand, and ensure that their project is completed with perfect accuracy. In the long run, this will continue to save the customer money when compared to hiring multiple designers in–house or using scores of temporary designers in the office.

Overall, these types of training methods have drastically reduced the costs of photo editing work, and make it possible for customers just like you to get great deals and save money.

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