Enhance Your Portrait

Why to Enhance Your Portrait

Portraits make us feel special by recalling the beautiful moments in our lives. They capture our priceless feelings and events at various stages of life. We can make these portraits exceptional and more blissful by freeing them from camera limitations and imperfections through portrait enhancement services. Old portraits can be restored to their original and more vigorous look with perfect color density while light, color, and textures of new ones can be enhanced to give them a more attractive and blossoming look.

Need for Portrait Enhancement

A photo has many limitations and common errors can occur depending on the quality of camera and expertise of one who takes it. Faint color, shadows, spots, blemishes, light effects, blurred textures, lack of contrast, background effects, and presence of extra objects may affect the overall look and appeal of portraits. This is where you require portrait enhancement services that use a number of computer-aided tools and procedures to remove these common errors. Portrait enhancement services help adjust and improve the contrast, background, color density, and texture that make the portrait an engaging visual treat. Similarly, portrait enhancement can help in restoration of old photos and background change and additions to all types of portrait.

Thus, the three major components of portrait enhancement services are:

  • Improvement of family and professional portraits
  • Restoration of old portraits
  • Addition or removal of objects and background in portraits

The portrait enhancement services are equally used for family and professional portraits. While a portrait is no less than a heritage for a family, for models, photographs, and actors and can make or break their career. Usually family portraits fade or crack due to lack of adequate care. A portrait enhancement expert can restore it with improved color density and charming appeal.For professionals, portrait enhancement means more photogenic look, higher resolution, focus on strengths, and high–level of sophistication.

Portrait Enhancement Methods

Portrait enhancement services are a great help for those looking to make their portraits a visual treat for lifetime. The following are a variety of methods to improve family and professional portraits:

Portrait Restoration

Improving color density, contrast, and texture levels, restoring blurred parts, and giving portraits an overall uplift.

Portrait Retouching

Enhancing look of portraits through color, skin, contrast, and saturation adjustments, noise and grains management, and application of filter.

Portrait Modification

Enhancing photogenic appeal using image cropping, color combination change, background alteration, and addition of frames or images.

Red Eye Effect Removal

Turning red eyes of individuals in the photo caused by direct flash and poor lighting into normal eyes using graphic software custom-made for the purpose.

Backgrounds Improvement

Removal or addition of backgrounds in the portraits to make them visually entertaining, focused, and attractive.

Natural Shadow Adjustment

Correction of lightening issues leading shadow level adjustment, creating natural looks, and improved visibility of portraits.

Color Cast Correction

Removing undesirable color casts caused by multicolored lighting and restoring suitable balance between color contrast and density.

Portrait Conversion

Converting printed photos into digital format and vice versa.

Exposure Corrections

Removal of spots, blemishes, and sunburns and withdrawal of undesirable objects through photo manipulation.

Designer Photos

Creation photos with multiple images, frames, masking, reflection and motion effects, and high-end glamour quotient.

Superior Resolution

Adjustment of resolution using high-end retouching, density correction, and improved sharpness.

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