SPE Delivered 85K Edited Images for a High-value Real Estate Photo Editing Project
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Real Estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Editing for the World's Top Photography Studio

The Client – Worldwide Leader in Photography and Videography

The client is a worldwide leader in photography and video creator for the hospitality industry. They are experts in lifestyle photography, architectural photography, concierge and chapter videos, 360-degree virtual tours, and 2D/3D room layouts. The client has worked with top companies in the industry, providing a top-notch experience to businesses, as shown by their flood of 5-star reviews.

One of the driving forces behind their company's mission is to provide competitive pricing, never charge for travel, and deliver high-quality photographs and videos. Their services are not only guaranteed, but top businesses in the hospitality industry highly recommend them.

The client has a unique history that has allowed them to make some highly strategic business decisions in critical markets at perfect times. They have used these opportunities to build meaningful relationships that have been a driving force in their sustained, profitable growth.

Photo Editing Requirements Presented by the Client

The client required ongoing photo editing services. They work with top tier businesses, so it was vital for them to find a service that can guarantee top quality work. Their search for a reliable photo editing service brought them to us. They presented the following requirements for this ongoing project:

  • Real estate photo editing services with some auto blending to mask out specific areas of the images and enhance them.
  • The ability to work with raw formats like dng and cr2.
  • Transforming those raw image formats into usable ones like jpeg and png.
  • Have the resources to handle a high volume of over 85,000 images and output at least 12,000 of them.

Challenges Faced by Our Photo Editing Team

The biggest challenge with this photo editing project was the sheer volume of photos that we would need to edit. After some discussion, we determined that it would require a team of 14 editors to deal with this challenge. Our editors were also extended extra hours initially, ensuring that we met this requirement. There were also two additional steps taken:

  • We created an FTP for transferring files since there was such a large volume of them.
  • Our team worked Monday through Saturday to ensure we can meet the deadline.

Step-by-Step Process Used to Provide Top Quality Photo Editing Services

Projects with such a large project like this one have to be uniquely addressed, so we developed a customized approach for the client.

  • We discussed the intricacies of the project with the client and then came up with this plan.
  • It became necessary to determine the number of professionals on our team who would dedicate their time solely to this project. We decided that 14 people working 6 days a week was the optimal number.
  • Our team received the files and then began the photo editing process, which included basics like:
    • Shadow and Highlights adjustments
    • Color Correction
    • Sharpening
    • Levels Adjustment
    • Noise Reduction
    • White Balancing
    • Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
    • Tone Adjustment
    • Vertical and Horizontal Straightening
  • With those necessary edits out of the way, our teams moved onto more advanced editing techniques.
    • Replacement of the sky to allow the property itself to stand out more.
    • Television screen replacement.
    • Adding fire to fireplaces to add ambiance to the images.
    • HDR bracketing with indoor window replacement.
    • Replaced the sky in windows.
  • Each photo was then submitted to an intense quality control check, where it was either verified or sent back for additional editing/revisions.
  • Photos were sent to the client for review using FTP.

The Client's Benefits for Using Our Photo Editing Services

There were some profound benefits that the client received for using our services. The client was pleased, and this has become an ongoing project.

  • The client saved 50% of their total costs by using our services.
  • Based on resource allocation and our ability to meet all deadlines, the client saved close to a month due to our timely deliveries.