Trendy Real Estate Media Specialists Outsource Quality Twilight Shot Image Editing Services
Twilight Shots

Setting the Scene Through Twilight Shot Real Estate Image Editing

The Client - Real Estate Media Specialists

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Colorado front range, the client, is a team of Real Estate photography and videography specialists, that provide a number of leading media services including HDR photos, aerial photos, HD videos, virtual tours, and more.

Backed by over a decade of experience in this field, their team is dedicated to bringing real estate to life through their exceptional services for both residential and commercial properties.

Requirements for the Twilight Shot Enhancement Project

Finding us via an online search, the client approached our team at SmartPHOTOeditors with a project involving some still images they had taken of 12 different properties. These needed to be processed, enhanced, and converted to twilight shots. The images were sent to us via an FTP transfer and were structured in sets of 20-25 per property.

Challenges Tackled by SPE’s Team

While working on this project, the main challenges our team faced were due to the short turnaround times required by the client. We also had to manually check to see if the input documents were uploaded correctly, and then get each one processed. On average, the processing of each image took a minimum of 45 minutes, which put pressure on our team to complete successfully.

In order to contend with these difficulties and ensure the project went smoothly, we assigned our strongest resources to the task and used leading software for the highest quality finish.

Process Steps for The Real Estate Image Editing Project

At SmartPHOTOeditors, our expertise reflects in each one of our projects. We assigned two resources completing three properties a day to follow a detailed stepwise process:

  • Once we had completed the introductory meeting with the client to set our project parameters, the client sent us the images needing the twilight edits.
  • Working on the images one at a time, we uploaded them to Photoshop to begin the editing process.
  • Using the built-in software and filters, we converted the day shots into twilight shots.
  • These images were sent to our QC for quality checking, and then sent on to the client
  • Finally, we worked on any edits requests the client sent back to us.

Project Takeaway - Happy Client with 60% Cost Saving

The client not only received the twilight shots originally requested but a level of professionalism perfect for any type of real estate advertising. We managed to complete our tasks on time, and the client saved 60% in editing costs by choosing to work with us.

They were so impressed by the final output that they have already requested for more projects to be handled by us. Looking forward, we anticipate a beneficial and prosperous partnership with the client in months to come.