Australian Warehouse Merchandizer Gets 60 Percent Cost Savings on Portrait Restoration

Australian Warehouse Merchandizer Gets 60 Percent Cost Savings on Portrait Restoration

The Client - An Expert In Sales and Merchandising

An expert in their field, the client, is a company that specializes in sales and merchandising in warehouses across Australia. Understanding that the best way to maximize sales is to make sure the products are neat faced forward, displayed correctly and always in stock; they have over thirty-seven team members and reps dedicated to providing the very best in warehouse displays to enhance company revenues. Quality is their undisputed motto.

Portrait Restoration Requirements for This Project

The client approached our team at SmartPHOTOeditors with a project concerning the restoration of portrait images. We were required to remove scratches and dirt that had tainted the old images, restoring each one to its original quality. The images were provided by the client via scanning.

Challenges Faced By Our Team During This Project

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the vast amount of images the client needed to be restored or edited. Our team worked on over 400 images per week, which put some time pressures on our completion rate. To combat this problem, we placed only our best editors onto the project, who divided the work evenly and worked tirelessly to get things done properly and to the client’s satisfaction.

Our Detailed Process

We utilized our years of experience and a hands-on approach to ensure the client got exactly what was needed. Our detailed process was as follows:

  • After a detailed meeting with the client to discuss their exact needs, our portrait image editing team received the set of scanned portraits.
  • We did a trial of creating five frames – 4 images in a frame using a team of two dedicated portrait editing specialists.
  • Once the client approved our trial run, we moved onto the main project.
  • The client shared a set of ten thousand images, which we worked on using filters in Photoshop; removing the dust and the scars. We completed 400 images per week.
  • Finally, we sent the completed images back to the client in PSD. format using Dropbox.

Project Takeaways – High Quality and Cost Benefit

By outsourcing this project to us, the client was able to not only get their images restored to original quality but also incur 60% cost savings. We were able to assure a high-quality finish backed up by our years of experience in this field. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we envision working on similar projects shortly.