Panorama Stitching of Super Market Snaps Into 360-Degree Virtual Reality Images

Panorama Stitching of Super Market Snaps Into 360-Degree Virtual Reality Images

The Client - Leading VR Platform Developer

Our client offers businesses the use of an advanced virtual reality content management system, helping them to deliver their business objectives. The platform assists users with a variety of processes including monetization, bookings, conversions, and market research.

The main function of the VR platform is to facilitate effective hosting, as well as efficient management, thorough analysis, and clever distribution of virtual reality content across various devices. In addition to storing and distributing the user’s content, the platform also provides a full spectrum of VR content creation services.

Requirements for the Panorama Stitching Project

The client required our assistance with 360-degree panorama stitching of images from a popular supermarket. Emphasis was placed on the ability to provide 100% accuracy in the output files; something our team is well-known for.

We needed to provide, on average, 400 of the requested 360-degree outputs per month.

Challenges Faced by Our Image Editing Team

Our team was faced with the additional task of decluttering and object removal, which was a highly time-consuming process. Faced with a tight deadline of rolling out between 50 and 100 images per week, any additional steps added a fair amount of pressure to our team’s efforts.

Additionally, we were required to recreate the image background. This process was another challenge that used up a large amount of the team’s time. However, with highly experienced designers, we were able to tackle the task.

Our Detailed Image Stitching Process

We developed an efficient, step-wise process that would enable the team to tackle the project with complete accuracy and attention to detail. We made use of the following software tools:

  • Photometrics
  • Photoshop
  • Panotours
  • PTGUI – Stitching and mismatch correction

After an initial meeting with the client, during which we ironed out the finer details of the project, we followed subsequent steps:

  • Multiple exposure images were received via FTP.
  • Four team members were assigned to the task of blending and stitching the received supermarket images.
  • 7 - 8 images were stitched together for each 360-degree output.
  • 50 - 100 images were stitched together on a weekly basis.
  • The stitched images were passed through two level QC process.
  • Once approved by quality control, the 360-degree images were passed on to the client.

Quality Deliverables and a Happy Client

The client was impressed with the quality of our work as well as our speedy delivery. Additionally, our competitive pricing has cemented us as a future partner for similar projects. We look forward to several panoramas stitching and VR content creation projects in the future.