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Commitment to ISO Quality Standards

As an international company, we receive work from all over the world. We know how important it is to get your work completed efficiently and within your budget, and strive to ensure that all of our processes are designed to meet that goal.

We also know that there are many less–reputable companies in this industry, and these companies have developed a reputation of taking advantage of the customer and only delivering the lowest quality work available in an effort to cut costs and improve revenue. Our company is dedicated to customer service, which is why we conform to ISO quality standards.

What Are ISO Standards?

ISO Standards are the standards for delivering a quality product and working as a professional organization as set out by the International Organization for Standardization. This organization has long been a leader in developing standards that are recommended for delivery of customer service and products to various industries, including the photo editing industry. These ISO standards include:

  • 98% Quality Achievable.
  • 4-Hour Escalation Resolution
  • 5 Hours of Specialized Training Each Month
  • Client Access to Error Reports
  • 99.5% System Uptime, Including Internet Lines and Human Resources

Our company has embraced these standards, and places them at the heart of our business. We make it our mission to deliver even better products and services than the standards set out by ISO, and you can see the result of that dedication in everything that we do. This means that when you partner with our company, you’re working with a business that is:

  • Reputable - We make sure that you're aware of our process and that you are able to receive constant support from our company and our system.
  • Efficient - We also make sure that our organizational processes are designed in a way that saves you money. The ISO quality standards that we work with are about ensuring your complete satisfaction.
  • Skilled - With ISO standards, you can rest assured that our staffers are trained to handle your project with the care and attention it deserves.

Our company has been servicing photographers and businesses for many years, and we want to continue to be more than just the industry leader; we want to be a model organization—the type of company that other photo editors strive to be.

That is why we continue to dedicate ourselves to ISO quality standards, and focus our organization on the needs of the customer. At any given time on our floor, you can sense a spirit of operational excellence. Contact us to learn more about these ISO quality standards or to discuss your next photo editing project.