Denmark based Real Estate Firm Strategically Manages its Dramatic Growth and Streamlines its offshore team to Processes over 50,000 High-quality Images per Annum
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Denmark based Real Estate Firm Strategically Manages its Dramatic Growth and Streamlines its offshore team to Processes over 50,000 High-quality Images per Annum


Our client, a reputed Danish real estate photography services firm, has been the leading provider of real estate photography, including floor plans and 3D visualization services, for residential and commercial real estate agents, architects, designers, and builders in Denmark. The firm was looking for an outsourcing partner that was in touch of the changing imaging needs of the industry and capable of meeting its own high standards, and also to help handle their escalating workload.


Every client has specific and unique needs. An outsourcing partner must clearly understand the client's goals and objectives. The challenges facing us were:

  • Staying abreast of the real estate imaging industry's changing needs and standards
  • Proving our expertise in digital color images, slide shows and virtual tours
  • Cost-effectively producing 50,000 high-quality images per annum
  • Ensuring round-the-clock coverage for a quick turnaround time of 14 hours
  • Guaranteeing 99.0% error-free output
  • Using licensed software and ensuring complete maintenance of the infrastructure and equipment used for the processing of images


Though the client had a tight schedule for each task in this project, we had all the required resources to meet these challenges. The actions we took to address the challenges were:

  • Creating a dedicated team of highly skilled editors for the project to ensure that we had the resources to overcome any spikes in work volume
  • Engaging experienced and talented editors to guarantee 99.0% error-free output
  • Responding quickly to the client's queries, emails, and messages regarding any aspect of the project
  • Using the latest software applications for photo editing
  • Ensuring data and information safety with Secure VPN communication: IPSec/ PPTP
  • Making sure that the client's data remained secure and free from viruses with our McAfee Enterprise suite for virus prevention, Host Intrusion Prevention, and Network Access Control
  • Employing hi-tech solutions to ensure complete safety of information and seamless workflow, with gateway-level anti-spyware and spam filters for Internet access and email server, a URL filtering application for surf control, domain level access restrictions, group policies, and centralized server-based storage
  • Using a file system access policy based on user authentication
  • Ensuring rapid, uninterrupted workflow with 3–4 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth for our Imaging team
  • Keeping our 40 state-of-the-art desktop machines updated with the latest upgrades and application licenses to ensure that project work was completed efficiently and without interruptions


Our dedicated team worked hard to meet the client's lofty expectations. Our focused approach helped us win the client's confidence and resulted in:

  • Huge cost savings of 40–60% per year for the client
  • Turnaround times of just 14 hours to keep pace with the client's tight schedule
  • Establishment of a long-term relationship with the client, who went on to provide us with even higher volumes of work—75,000 images for 2012!