Spanish Deep Tech Startup Leverages SPE's Pattern Tiling Support, Receives High-Quality Output with 50% Revenue Growth

The client is a deep tech startup with an AI-powered platform that helps create realistic digital textiles. The client tackled resource shortage and project delivery challenges by outsourcing its portrait editing services to SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE). By leveraging SPE’s specialized pattern tiling expertise, the client received seamless pattern tiling, speeding up project delivery and promoting client retention.

  • Client Faced Resource Shortage and Project Delivery Bottlenecks
  • SPE Offers High-Precision Pattern Tiling with Portrait Editing Support
  • High-Quality Output, Resource Flexibility, and a 50% Increase in Revenue Score.

The Client - Digital Product Development Startup

The client is a deep tech startup with an AI platform for digital product creation. With a vision to transform 3D fashion design, development, and merchandising, the client company also extends a 3D CAD platform that enables easier online collaboration for apparel development.

The client faced resource shortages and project delivery bottlenecks due to a lack of in-house expertise and a high cost of infrastructure.

SPE’s comprehensive expertise in portrait editing was a significant factor that made us the perfect choice for outsourcing pattern tiling requirements.

The Challenges Faced By The Client

Due to a shortage of in-house resources and project delivery delays, the client faced a significant decline in customer satisfaction and revenue.

Unable to deal with the daily volume of incoming projects and scheduled shoots, the client was looking for an offshore team of portrait editing professionals with experience in complex pattern tiling.

The client needed an outsourcing partner that could provide portrait editing services with flexible resource engagement models, competitive prices, and fast turnaround times. They required the outsourced team to deliver seamless tiling patterns that could be integrated into their 3D models enabling the accurate generation of digital textiles and apparel.

Why The Client Chose SmartPHOTOeditors

SPE’s diverse portrait editing expertise, skilled workforce, resource flexibility, and round-the-clock project assistance convinced the client to choose us as their outsourcing partner for their complex pattern tiling requirements.

Our extensive experience meant we better understood the complex pattern tiling technique, shortening the learning curve and enhancing the project's completion rate.

Project Execution

Despite the challenges faced by our team regarding understanding and matching the complex pattern tiling requirements of the client. SPE proceeded with the project execution in a stepwise workflow, ensuring on-time delivery and efficiency. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  • Allocated a single dedicated FTE (Full Time Equivalent) experienced in portrait photo editing.
  • Received input in the form of a single small square cloth pattern to be transformed into seamless tiling patterns
  • In-house training to the FTE enabling optimal project execution based on client guidelines
  • Our portrait editing expert used Adobe Photoshop to produce high-precision complex pattern tiling.
  • The prepared seamless pattern tiling samples were then sent for client approval.
  • Once approved, our team worked to deliver 5 to 10 patterns daily, which has now been scaled to 10 to 25 patterns daily.
  • The client intends to scale the team to 2 FTEs in the next financial year.

Project Takeaway

The client resolved their major challenge of project delivery delays with SPE’s highly skilled portrait editing team. They enhanced their CSAT ratio from 80 to 98% with the quality output delivered by SPE. With SPE’s seamless pattern tiling support, the client saved more than 40% on resource hiring costs and scaled their revenue by 50%.

SmartPHOTOeditors also benefited from this project by adding to their portrait editing expertise with complex pattern tiling skills. If you are looking for an offshore team to assist you on a similar project, Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.