Highly Acclaimed Photography Company Leverages SPE’s Photo Culling Services, Cuts Expenses by 50%

A professional wedding and event photography company was facing a lack of resources for photo culling due to the high cost of hiring. They also struggled with their inability to give their end client competitive pricing and turnaround time. SmartPHOTOeditors’ (SPE) comprehensive photo editing experience and skilled team helped the client overcome their challenges and cut down their expenses by half.

  • Client Lacked Dedicated Resources For Photo Culling Resulting Project Delivery Delays
  • SPE offers Proficient Photo Culling Services, Quick TAT, and Project Support
  • Increased Efficiency, 50% Cost savings & Faster Project Delivery to the End Client

The Client - Acclaimed Event and Wedding Photography Company

The client is a highly acclaimed photography company based in the United Kingdom that specializes in wedding and private event photography as well as corporate, commercial, and portrait photography. The client founded the company in 2005, bringing a unique style to the British photography market by adding an artistic touch to professional event photographs.

The client faced resource issues that affected their business and the final delivery of projects to their clients.

SPE’s highly skilled resources and years of photo culling and editing were the important factors that convinced the client that we were a perfect fit for their requirements!

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

The client faced several challenges, including a lack of resources for image culling and editing, due to the high cost of hiring. This, in turn, resulted in the client being unable to provide competitive pricing and meet delivery deadlines for their end clients.

Moreover, the client had weekly 2 to 3 shoots at private events and weddings. Although they worked with different vendors but couldn’t get the expected output quality.

To counter the mounting challenges, the client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner for their image culling requirements that could retain important images and edit them at the highest quality.

They needed an experienced editor and Lightroom expert to deliver high-quality edits within a short turnaround time. Additionally, the client intended to achieve a cost benefit by outsourcing its image-culling services outside the UK.

Why The Client Chose SmartPHOTOeditors

Impressed by SPE’s diverse photo editing service offering, sophisticated infrastructure, skilled culling, and editing team, and flexible engagement model, the client decided to outsource their photo culling and editing project to SPE.

Our extensive experience meant we better understood the complex pattern tiling technique, shortening the learning curve and enhancing the project's completion rate.

Project Execution

SPE implemented a step-by-step approach to the project to ensure compliance with client guidelines and deadlines. The project execution comprises the following steps:

  • Assigned dedicated photo editing and retouching professionals with extensive experience in photo culling and basic and advanced retouching.
  • Provided training to the assigned team based on culling and editing guidelines given by the client
  • The team worked on the images provided by the client utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Our team sent the edited samples to the client for approval.
  • Based on the feedback, any preferred changes were implemented, and the final image files were delivered within a short turnaround time.

Project Results

The significant achievements of the project were delivering high-quality output within a short turnaround time and reducing the cost by 50%. The client was able to save money and time by outsourcing the culling and editing work to SPE. This helped the client to focus on other aspects of their business and expand their clientele. Additionally, the high output quality helped the client retain and attract new clients.

This project helped SPE enrich its experience in photo culling and image retouching and also provided exposure to the image services market based in the UK.