American Visual Imaging Solutions Firm Receives 80+ High-Quality Image Edits Weekly with 12-Hour TAT

A prominent visual imaging solutions firm countered its mounting resource and infrastructure cost challenges by outsourcing its real estate image editing to SmartPHOTOeditors (SPE). Leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of SPE’s HDR Image Editing team, the client received high-quality edits with a 12-hour turnaround time, helping them save significantly on software and resource expenses.

  • Client Faced Resource and High Infrastructure Cost Issues Causing Revenue Loss
  • SPE Provided Superior Quality Image Editing, Software Support, and 12H TAT
  • 95% CSAT, Same Day Delivery & 30% Increase in Revenue

The Story of The Client

The client is a leading visual imaging solutions firm based in Florida, USA. The client specializes in photography, virtual tour, and aerial imaging to enable high-resolution property imaging and listing.

With rich experience in the real estate sector, the client company offers professional imaging solutions and virtual tours to real estate agents and brokers, ensuring better visualization of residential and commercial properties.

SPE’s diverse HDR image editing skill set and specialized infrastructure convinced the client that we fit their requirements perfectly!

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

The client faced several challenges, including a lack of skilled resources and high software costs. They struggled to find experienced photographers and editors who could deliver high-quality work consistently. Hence, they had to rely on freelancers, which proved unreliable and expensive.

Moreover, the client had to invest in expensive software to create virtual tours and edit images. This additional cost was eating into their profits, and they struggled to keep up with the competition. In addition, the client also faced a decline in revenue and client inflow.

To counter these mounting challenges, the client needed an outsourced team that could help them deliver their client projects at a competitive cost, ensuring quality and quick turnaround time.

They required an offshore team specialized in HDR image processing, 3D Walkthrough, Dollhouse, floor plan conversion, and virtual tours to help them overcome challenges and grow their revenue effectively.

Why The Client Chose SmartPHOTOeditors

Impressed by SPE’s comprehensive HDR image editing experience, sophisticated infrastructure, skilled editing team, and flexible engagement model, the client decided to outsource their real estate image editing project to SPE.

Project Execution

SPE adopted a procedural approach for the project, ensuring strict adherence to client guidelines and timelines. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  • Allocated a team of HDR image editing professionals with more than two years of image editing experience
  • The client sent input data, including HDR images, floor plans, virtual tours, and still images.
  • The team worked on the project utilizing software that included Adobe Photoshop (HDR image editing), Matterport (3D floor plan conversion), 3D Vista (virtual tour creation), PTGui (Panorama stitching), and Adobe Lightroom(still images).
  • The edited images, virtual tours, and 3D floor plans were sent to the client for approval.
  • Once approved, the team upscaled the delivery from 30-50 edits to 80+ high-quality image edits weekly


An increase in profits by 30% was the major project takeaway for the client. The client resolved their resource and infrastructure challenges by associating with our highly skilled team of image editors and received 80+ images weekly, boosting the CSAT ratio to 95%.

SPE’s real estate image editing services proved to be a cost-effective and reliable solution for the client's needs and helped them focus on their core business activities while the SPE handled the rest. The client could also scale their business with the help of SPE’s HDR image editing support.

This project also helped SmartPHOTOeditors enrich its HDR image editing and virtual tour creation experience.

High-Quality HDR Image Editing Services From SPE

With extensive experience in the image editing industry, SmartPHOTOeditors caters to a wide range of industries, such as Real estate, Fashion, Tourism, etc. If you face similar challenges related to your photography and imaging, contact us to streamline your editing process and achieve successful outcomes.