Smart Photo Editors Enables an American Furniture Retailer to Improve Its Online Buyer Experience with Digitally Manipulated Photos

The Client

The client is a furniture retailer operating in the United States. The client is a specialist in manufacturing elegant outdoor furniture, which they sell with customized fabric options.

The Situation – Business Need

The client operates an online store which provides buyers an image preview of the furniture that they would like to purchase. This requires the client to provide different image perspectives of the same furniture based on the available styles and fabrics. It would not be possible to photo-shoot each and every furniture with different fabrics and then showcase them on the website. So the client approached Smart Photo Editors for a cost-effective digital solution.

The need was to produce 2500+ photorealistic images, which is a combination of 17 furniture sets with 150 fabrics. The 3D perspectives must match with the original fabric’s stitching, blending, shadows, and designs when viewed from any angle.

The Challenges

While creating the image perspectives, we faced a few challenges such as:

  • Trial rendering had to be done 3 times to understand the furniture styles and woodwork
  • The shadow and proportion of the fabric manipulation was correct only the second time

The Smart Photo Editors Solution

The salient features of our solution included:

  • Creating photorealistic images using Adobe® Photoshop®
  • A team of 6 designers working on the project under a team leader, who also monitored the quality of the images
  • Providing formal training to the team to better understand the client’s unique requirements
  • Sending batches of 300 images per day


Below mentioned were the outcomes of the project:

  • A 360 degree view of selected furniture with any fabric of choice
  • 100% accuracy in all the images rendered
  • On-time project completion and delivery within 7 working days
  • All the above led to a fully satisfied client