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Canon EOS R Review| Smart Photo Editors
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Canon EOS R

Basic Specifications

Full model name:

Canon EOS R


30.3 Megapixels

Sensor size:

35mm (36mm x 24mm)

Kit Lens:

24-105 mm


Electronic OLED

Native ISO:

Estimated 100 – 40,000

Extended ISO:

Estimated 50 – 102,400


30 seconds -1/8000


5.35x3.87x3.32”/135.8 x 98.3 x 67.7 mm







Full specs:

Canon EOS-R Specifications

About Canon EOS-R

The EOS line is one of Canon’s most popular and this recent addition takes the existing platform and throws an entirely new lens mount onto it. It’s still extremely versatile and has almost 6,000 focus points for the AF to work with. A vari-angle touchscreen, 4k video, and high-precision EVF complete the package. The EOS line has been Canon’s DSLR staple. Ranging from the consumer T3i bodies through to the professional 5D Mark IV it has covered most of Canon’s recognizable models for years; this newest edition is the first mirrorless body in the line which is what makes it so special. For those who already shoot Canon and looking to go mirrorless, this is a no-brainer thanks to the seamless interchange adapters to use existing glass on the new body – something that Nikon’s first mirrorless offerings cannot match.

Features – Canon EOS-R

  • 35mm full frame CMOS sensor with DIGIC 8 processor
  • Various autofocus modes including an eye detection mode and touch and drag autofocus
  • 4k 30p video
  • OLED EVF with 3.69 Million pixels with diopter
  • Vari-angle touch screen dot matrix LCD
  • Deep grip with the front-facing shutter button
  • Programmable multi-function bar
  • Magnesium alloy body with dust and water sealing
  • Same battery packs as other EOS models for convenience
  • Canon Connect app for editing on the go

What’s New

  • 54mm RF mount with short back focus and 20mm flange focusing distance
  • 12 pin lens connection to the body from the lens
  • 5,655 manually selectable autofocus points that cover between 88-100% of the frame
  • 0.05 seconds focusing time
  • Built-in Canon log to improve Gamma in images
  • Very lightweight compared to other EOS versions
  • USB Chargeable
  • Silent electronic shutter perfect for wildlife photography.

Who Should Buy

The Canon EOS R is an intriguing model. It’s perfect for so many situations because it’s so very flexible. The mirrorless format makes it much easier to hold than most other Canon models, but the compatibility makes it ideal for anyone who has previously invested in Canon gear. If you’re going mirrorless for the first time the EOS R’s price tag is much cheaper than Nikon’s Z offerings, and it’s only slightly more than brands like Fujifilm with much more gear available. It’s ideal for enthusiasts and for pros who are interested in going mirrorless that may already be invested in Canon gear.

How to Use – Get, Set, and Click

  • 1Insert the battery into the body and click the shutter door closed. Insert the memory cards as well with the card labels facing the back of the camera.
  • 2
    Attach the lens by aligning the red mounting dots and set the lens focus mode to AF for autofocus.
  • 3
    Set the power switch to “ON.”
  • 4
    Flip out the screen if required or leave in place.
  • 5
    Set the shooting mode by pressing MODE and adjusting the dial. Use A+ for auto. Then press SET
  • 6
    Focus on the subject. Do this by half-pressing the shutter down. The face will be illuminated by a focus point
  • 7
    Take the picture by fully depressing the shutter button.
  • 8
    The picture will be displayed on the screen for 2 seconds after pressing the shutter for review, or you can press the play button to review for longer.

Must-Have Accessories for
Canon EOS-R

Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter
Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter
  • Adapts Canon EF lenses for use with the EOS R body
  • Dust and water resistant while still being compatible with AF and image stabilization.
  • Used for adapting existing EF Canon lenses to fit the RF mount of the Canon EOS
  • Used by photographers who have existing Canon glass or who want to buy additional Canon lenses not currently produced for the RF mount
  • $199
Canon RF 35mm f/1.8
Canon RF 35mm f/1.8
  • 35mm prime lens with wide aperture Macro
  • Super Spectra coating and fast AF motor
  • Used for fixed focal length photos with a single subject needing a wide aperture
  • Used by photographers who want good bokeh portraits and for some macro photography.
  • $499
BG E-22 Battery Grip
BG E-22 Battery Grip
  • Battery grip for additional power and better hand holding
  • Additional shutter control buttons and double the battery life of a single in-body battery
  • Used to extend battery life and shooting time and add comfort for those with larger hands who may feel squashed by the small mirrorless format
  • Mostly used by pro photographers shooting long events.
  • $399

Similar Products to Watch Out For

Final Thoughts

Canon EOS R


  • Familiar body style/system but with newer mirrorless tech.
  • Lighter than traditional EOS models
  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly compatible especially with other Canon lenses and products.
  • Many proprietary products for editing included without additional subscriptions.
  • Weatherproofing, on what is not considered a pro-level body which means good things for future models as this potentially becomes standard.


  • Low light, while it’s better than an APS-C crop, its limited ISO is not impressive compared to other EOS models.
  • Canon mirrorless is still in its early stages. It’s not as smooth of a function as the Sony models, but the menu system is much easier to navigate.
  • Third-party compatibility