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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review | Smart Photo Editors
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Nikon Coolpix
P1000 Camera Review

Technical Specifications

Full model name:

Nikon Coolpix P1000


16 Megapixels

Sensor size:

35mm (36.0mm x 24.0mm)

Kit Lens:


Minimum Focusing distance:



Optical / LCD

Native ISO:

100 - 6400

Extended ISO:

50 - 204,800


1/4000 - 30 seconds in manual, 1/30-1/8000 in movie mode




3.12lb (1,420 g)
includes batteries



Full specs:

Nikon Coolpix P1000 specifications

About Nikon Coolpix P1000

Released in July 2018, the P1000 is an interesting compact bridge camera that gives users the flexibility of a DSLR without needing to change lenses. The Coolpix line has been around for quite some time now, with offerings ranging from point and shoots to models like the P1000. This newest model is set apart by the impressive 4k video and the massive superzoom. Aimed at enthusiasts who don't want the fuss of a DSLR this is also ideal for people who need a business camera with quality pictures but who perhaps prefer to stick with auto modes since this camera offers both.

Features – Nikon Coolpix P1000

  • Nikon 24-3000mm lens
  • f/2.8-8 aperture range
  • 2.36m OLED EVF
  • 3.2” 921k-dot vari-angle LCD Monitor
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • 4K UHD video
  • Manual, auto, aperture, shutter, moon, bird, food, fireworks, panorama, movie and other modes
  • Remote (extra)
  • Target Finding AF
  • Super lapse and Time-Lapse movie modes
  • Continuous shooting up to 7fps

What’s New

  • Massive superzoom capabilities with the ten blade, 17 elements, 24-3000mm plus an additional 250x dynamic zoom and 1.5x optical zoom
  • Hot shoe in addition to a built-in pop-up flash
  • Optional remote to avoid shake when shooting extra-long distances. Also has Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction built in and five stops of image stabilization.
  • Dual view with both an OLED electronic viewfinder and the 3.2” LCD screen.

Who Should Buy

The Nikon Coolpix P1000 is perfect for the snapping mom, the enthusiast who doesn't need extra lenses to carry around, and anyone who wants an all-rounder all-in-one model with the flexibility that manual mode offers. The impressive f/2.8 aperture and dusk mode also gives good low-light use, and the panorama, landscape, and bird mode are great for nature enthusiasts. While you're giving up the option to have multiple lenses the built-in specifications offer a good range of uses limited only by the maximum 6400 ISO. The option to shoot RAW also means that those who love to edit can do so to their heart's content.

Things to explore with Nikon Coolpix P1000

  • 1Moon Mode

    The incredible close-up capabilities of the super-zoom make this a unique capability to the p1000. You can really get up close and personal images with the detail of the moon without sacrificing image quality to the digital zoom. This is ideal for taking moon images without needing a telescope and without mounting a massive, expensive DSLR lens.

  • 2Macro Focus

    Macro is one of the most popular types of photography and with a minimum focusing distance of a scant 1cm it really can get incredibly close to your subject. You may have some issues with lens shadow at that distance, but the hot shoe allows you to mount a macro flash which fixes that.

  • 3Nature Photography

    With such a long zoom you can get up close to animals and scenery without disturbing them. The fast capabilities of the auto-focus also mean you'll be able to quickly snap in-motion animals and those who run away! There's even a “bird mode.”

  • 4Street Photography

    Street photography means being able to adapt at a moment’s notice, and that can mean carrying a variety of glass, etc. to be able to do that. The versatility of the super-zoom and the easy control buttons means street photography is a breeze and you only need to carry one piece of equipment.

  • 5Videography

    With up to 29 minutes continuous 4k shooting (Nikon warns that longer use may cause the camera to shut off from overheating) there's no excuse not to use this as a quality video camera as well.

Must-Have Accessories for
Nikon CoolpixP1000

Microphone Kit
Microphone Kit
  • Broadcast quality miniature microphone
  • Shock-mount to avoid vibration and has foam cover to protect from wind noise
  • Essential for recording sound with video or movie modes
  • Mostly used by videographers and those who want to record video as well as stills.
  • $25-200
ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote
ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote specifically for this model
  • Bluetooth connected
  • Used for remote triggering the shutter without touching the body
  • Mostly used by those that want to avoid vibration reduction either with long exposure or extreme zoom modes.
  • $49.95
Nikon SB 9-10
Nikon SB 9-10
  • Hot shoe mounting speedlight
  • iTTL metering, illuminated buttons, zoom range between 17-200mm
  • Used for night photography and low light photography
  • Mostly used by any photographer looking to improve their photography in low light situations
  • $700-900

Similar Products to Watch Out For

  • EOS-1D C
  • X-T20
  • D7200
    NIKON D7200
  • ALPHA A7

Final Thoughts

Score 4.8Nikon Coolpix P1000


  • A massive lens with impressive zoom capabilities built-in.
  • Several different modes to make use of the lens and to make it easier for those look for more of a “point and shoot” experience.
  • RAW capabilities for editing and 4K quality video.
  •  Tiny minimum focusing distance gives plenty of flexibility.
  • Fast auto-focus and tracking mean easy to use for difficult subjects.


  • The extremes of the zoom capabilities are both quite soft so while it's a good amount of zoom the usable range isn't quite what's advertised.
  • It's still heavy and big as a DSLR and doesn't have the same quality sensor. 
  • Low light is very limited by the maximum 6400 ISO
  • Filter effects. These are meant to compete with apps like Instagram but don't come close.